50 Hive Giveaway 3

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Giveaway 2 was a total dud.
In other words complete and utter failure.
It couldnt have gone any worse.
Not one even placed.
Thats 2 in a row.
Someone out theres luck sucks.
Obviously not mine 😊
Everyone that entered got a little thank you 😉

So onwards and upwards with Giveaway 3.

Just leave a comment
(What country you from)

No upvote
No resteem
Just comment below

If all 7 selection come in everyone commenting recieves equal share of 50 Hive

No more good luck messages.


Team Canada here!

Home of the NBA Champions ✊

Would never have happened if GSW (golden state warriors) weren't plagued with injuries

GSP is 5ft in high heels dont think he would be good at basketball lol

That is a great idea, if you win then also we win. Sharing a little bit of love is pretty nice.

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Its a good idea if we win lol
Fingers crossed


Land of the Free 👊
Selection wavering
First one in
Second one losing half time
We need an epic comeback


That Rijeka game look fixed. Lots of clear chances that they could have converted easily.

Get in there - 2-1FT
Suspicious tho😅

Gent 1-1
Have a word with them lol

A bit strange they lost to Kortjik. Although, they were not playing so well after the equalizer, but they shouldn't have lost to a mediocre team.
Well, I heard most of the A-list players for Gent were not in this match due to Corona.
BOL to us on the next pick because I'm surely tailin' you. 💪👍

Colombia for some luck!

Colombia awesome
We are 2 from 2
3rd one 1-1 but they trying hard
Fingers crossed

We all know that your luck is always good! ❤️

The Netherlands

Woww.. Thats greats👍

Keep your fingers crossed