Keith Thurman vs Manny Pacquiao

in #sportstalklast year (edited)

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Pacquiao 8/13 100 Sports Returns 162
Thurman 5/4 100 Sports Returns 225

So you think you know about sports?
I bet you don't !!!

Comment below

Fighter and amount (max 200 sports)
eg. Pacquiao 200

Transfer amount to @votebetting

All winning returns paid within 24 hours
Funds are available in wallet, if bets exceed amount in wallet funds will be transferred or bets will be refunded before event start

Who runs account?
Will i get paid out?
Yes IF you win
How do i know this is legit?
You dont and your asking way too many questions its 200 sports tokens ffs now move on
Are you the greatest?
Enough of the reatorical questions get betting

This is set up to be some fun and make things a bit more interesting. If we get interest we can have some fun.

Odds taken from


Thurman 200

Yeah i know im betting against myself lol this is just to show what to do

Damn! I missed this.
I hope you're gonn' be doin more of this?
Congrats to Manny Pacquiao.

Hi yeah will be just follow and comment on anything you wanns have a bet on will get the odds and post it

a sports plaform will have betting inevitable

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