I interracted with these ambitious children on sports, what they told me shocked me...

in #sportstalklast year

Good afternoon all steemit. I am glad to share my joy to you all.

Yestarday, i had a wonderful time playing with my neighbors. They are all in nursery school and they love their parents so much.

They are very disciplined children and when they grow up, they want to be engineers and develop our community.


They are so happy to take a photo with me and you can see through their wonderful beautiful smiles

The games they love:

They love watching volley ball and they will be playing it in their schools when they grow up. Volley ball is a great sports because it involves team work and makes every one a star in a game unlike soccer.

The other sports they love are phone video games, ludo and cheese.

These children at a young age are very optimistic and i believe as they grow up, they will start to learn about steemit and the whole block chain.


I love volley ball as a sports and always want others to love it. I want these children to grow loving, watching and playing this sports.

watch kids play volleyball