Sportstalksocial - Steemit Version Scorum or A Better One?

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Hi to all sport's lovers,

Frankly, when I first read about @patrickulrich post about this new @sportstalksocial platform - I was so damn excited!


For your acknowledgement, I've written over few dozens of Worldcup highlights last year on Steemit, from the start to the end lol

Also, I'm a squash and table tennis (ping pong) player myself since teenager + A huge fan of Badminton tournaments :)

This sportstalksocial platform came in the right timing - it provides a lounge for the sport's fans to write the latest highlights, reviews or events.

Many said it's the Steemit version Scorum, but I think it's got her own personality :)

Anyhow, hope you all will come and write some sport's articles, remember to use #sportstalk tag, so your post will be appeared in sportstalksocial platform automatically!

See ya~


You have been rewarded with some SHIT! Take a trip to the bathroom to stake and manage your worthless tokens.

Btw, do you sell any SHIT tokens?

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Enjoy the vote and some free shit!

Thanks for your shit 😂

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Now you don't need to go anywhere because SportTalkSocial is here. :)

Yup, Bye bye Scorum and here I come Sportstalksocial 😁

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嗯,是的爱柠檬。去年我和小白条马不停蹄地,全程由头到尾,写了几十篇的世界杯赛事回顾(每天到半夜,我俩的肚子咕咕叫不停 😂)

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可是我只能看着你们撸,我对运动一窍不通啊 😞

说些j基本的21点 (blackjack), Gin rummy, 百家乐,俄罗斯轮盘等都OK

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Gambling 也是 Sports的一种啊!


It cannot be the Steemit version of Sorum, I remember signing up there and I guess I was active for like only 3 days.

Sportstalk is a game changer in the sports industry because we already have a big sports community here.

I think it will grow quickly since we already have a lot of content to put out since there are many tournaments going on at the moment like Copa America, Africa cup of Nations, Womens's world cup and also Under 21 tournament!!!

Oh yeah, totally agreed with you there.
I bet you're going to be one of the active sportstalksocial authors 😀

Chances are high I will be among the active authors, to show my excitement I made a post yesterday outlining how we are living in the future now hehehe!!

I will start with the Africa Cup of Nations which my country Uganda is participating in!!

I see, that's awesome.
Followed you and waiting to read your Africa Cup recaps and highlights 😀

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