200 squats under heavy load/200下负重深蹲轻松搞定

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Life lies in the fact that sports are not absolutely right, but the good operation of life can sometimes achieve the highest quality through sports. Choose a sport that suits you. Start doing the tasks of the sport every day, and your body will get better and better.

That's what I do. I've tried many kinds of sports, including push-ups, rope skipping, sit-ups and squats. Among them, I prefer to squat heavily and save time and space. The most important thing is that the effect of sports is very good.

For three months, I feel very good and physically strong. I can do a lot of exercises easily. Now it's approaching September. My right leg and knee joint ache slightly. I know it's a load.

But it doesn't matter at all. It doesn't affect my normal exercise. I still finish 200 heavy squats every day smoothly. It is normal for knee pain to occur during heavy squatting. After all, we have to bear physical pressure every day. The body needs to get used to this situation, and it will gradually disappear.

Today, 200 squats under heavy loads were done easily. I know I can do it. I have to believe in myself. Not only me, but everyone here should believe in themselves. Sports can often cultivate a person's spirit of perseverance, can improve a person's confidence.

The most important thing is that we can get healthy and strong body through sports. We can also bring positive energy to others and let others join the sports camp. Sometimes I feel that 200 squats may be a little less, and I want to increase the amount of exercise.

But I think no matter what we do, we must be appropriate. Sports is also a double-edged sword. Excessive exercise is not good for our health. In fact, 200 squats with heavy loads are very good. They can be completed in a short time, and they can also exercise my body well.

After today's task is completed, I feel very comfortable, and my body is getting better and better. Continue refueling tomorrow.

Love life, love sports.











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Thanks for this kind of motivation I really want to make my body even more healthy and want to play basketball at my age!


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