Record Life, Start with Sports/记录生活,从体育运动开始

in sportstalk •  9 months ago 

Sports is like everyone's best friend, always loyal to you, never abandon you. Choosing a sports meeting is the beginning of a good life every day. You will sweat heavily, you will pant, but you will be happy.

Life goes on forever. We shouldn't give up ourselves and life just because of a little setback. We should continue to take every step of life and let sports continue.

I do sports every day, because it keeps me in good health and doesn't want to have any bad habits. Simple is the rhythm of my life, sports is the seasoning and nutrient solution of my life.

Is it really hard to squat 200 times a day? No, actually it's very simple, just a few minutes. You may feel a little tired during the whole process, but you should insist that persistence is victory. I insist every day that we should cultivate perseverance for ourselves through sports.

Yesterday was the day of HF21, and steemit briefly hung up, but my task was completed ahead of schedule. Although HF21 will reduce my earnings in steemit, it will not reduce my passion for sports. Sports will go on normally.

As long as you do it, you will be the best. Maybe it's wonderful and cruel to build a great body to live through every moment of life through sports. But we should face everything in life with a smile and health.

I still know that the way to make myself feel better is to do sports every day, because it will make me energetic. The body is the capital of revolution. When the body is very spiritual, no matter what it does, it will get twice the result with half the effort.

What's your day like? Did you play sports, or did you waste your time? Do something meaningful. Start playing sports today. Start changing yourself and your life.

Love life, love sports.











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