A Simple Interesting Sport: Drifting on Water/简单的趣味性运动——水上漂石【打水漂】

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Write a lot of sports articles, introduced a lot of sports, from a long history to the rise of modern, today in a different way, we say a very interesting sports - water drifting stone.

Water drifting stone, how do we change the name, it is called "water drifting", so that you will be more familiar with.
Drifting is a sport in which tiles or stones are used and then thrown forcefully toward the surface of the water.

The principle of drifting is relatively simple. When the stone is thrown at a low level by force, the stone keeps flying on the water under the action of high speed and inertia.

Drifting can be done by oneself or by competing with others. Drifting is very interesting. It's a sport that people can't even imagine when they get to places with wide waters. Pick up a piece of stone and throw it at the surface of the water.

It feels great when the stone keeps flying on the surface.

No matter what sport there is, there is a world record, so is playing water rafting. The world record for drifting is about 122 meters. The world record was set by a 43-year-old British man, Dougie Isaacs, at the World Championships in Wales.

Drifting is really very attractive and many people are willing to challenge this passionate sport. Drifting is simple, but it is a combination of strength, speed and skill.

The stones used for drifting should not be too thin or too thick. They must be moderate. Only in this way can the force be well exerted, flying at high speed on the water surface, and it is not easy to fall into the water because of the gravitational pull. Some people are just too weak, too skilled, and each time they float, they can only make the stone very short distance.

Even if they fail, they are still willing to challenge. After all, an interesting sport will be enjoyed by everyone.

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This is a very fun sports game,
I also often play with children.

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