A very old ball game-polo/一种非常古老的球类运动——马球运动

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Ball is the most influential sport in sports, and football is the most influential sport. Football is a kind of sport with two feet on top of the popular language. Football is called "the biggest sport in the world".

The most fanatical events in football are the World Cup, the European Cup, the Super Cup, the Americas Cup and so on. People's fanaticism for football occupies every part of the body's blood.

However, such a very fanatical sport originated from ancient Chinese Cuju. However, the sport evolved with Cuju is "polo sport". Polo was called "bowling" in ancient China. There are different opinions about the origin of polo.

There are three most common theories. The first is that Polo originated in ancient Persia, the second is that Polo originated in Turpan, and the third is from the Eastern Han Dynasty in ancient China. I prefer to support the third argument, because the name of polo in ancient China is "bowing", while in the Eastern Han Dynasty, Cao Zhi's "Ming Du Pian" wrote "Lian Pian bowing soil".

The most important thing is that Polo is really very old. Polo was very popular in Tang Dynasty. In the Tang Dynasty of China, Polo was popular all over the country and was used for noble entertainment and military training. Especially in military training, Polo has played a very important role in improving the combat capability of the army.

Polo is a competitive sport that enters the goal by riding a horse through a polo club. Polo is very much like Cuju, but it requires horseback riding, and it is only the size of the palm.

Polo is very fierce, and there are dangers in this sport. After all, it's a horse sport. In the fierce pursuit, it is easy for people to fall off horses and turn over horses. But the more exciting the exercise is, the more attention it will attract and more people will participate in it.

After thousands of years of baptism, Polo is still enduring. Whether in any part of the world, Polo is loved by many people.

Love life, love sports.




最常见的说法有三种,第一种为马球起源于古波斯,而第二种说法是马球起源于吐鲁番,第三种说法则源于中国古代的东汉时期。我比较支持第三种说法,理由在于:马球在中国古代的名字叫做“击鞠”,而在东汉时期曹植的《名都篇》这样写道“连翩击鞠 壤”。







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