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Among many sports, basketball is the third largest ball game in the world after football and tennis. The most prosperous country of basketball development is the United States, such as the representative "NBA".

Basketball is conducive to the exercise of physical speed and response ability, but also to improve people's jumping ability, but also to help people increase.

As a competitive sport, basketball needs the perfect control of players with excellent skills to reflect their true value.

Among many basketball players, I like the basketball superstar "Kobe Bryant" from my own NBA.

Kobe Bryant, a professional basketball player of the Lakers, has led the Hu team to win the season championship many times. Kobe Bryant has the title of "Little Chivalrous". He is excellent in shooting and passing defense. The best part of Kobe Bryant is that his shooting rate of three-point is very high and his shooting rate is accurate.

But even the best basketball players will retire on April 14, 2016, when Bryant announced his retirement after his last regular home game against the Jazz.

Among NBA players, retired players are fortunate enough to receive retirement benefits, as is Kobe Bryant. But most NBA players are basketball stars. After retirement, players will choose to work in other industries. After retirement, Kobe Bryant was not idle, but turned from battlefield to shopping mall and became a businessman.

After retirement, Bryant started a family-owned company, a venture capital company, and in a few years, Bryant had invested in countless businesses. Among them is Alibaba, which we know well.

After retirement, Bryant did not completely separate from basketball, but continued to promote and develop basketball.
Bryant wants his eldest daughter to continue his basketball career and teach her basketball skills in private.

Sports are everywhere. As long as we want, sports will light the torch in our hearts and the whole night sky.

Love life, love sports.







退休后的科比创办了一家属于自己的公司,这家公司是风投公司,在几年时间里,科比曾投资了无数家企业。其中有我们熟知的阿里巴巴... ...





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