Complete today's workload in a different way/换一种方式完成今天的运动量

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There's always a reason to fall in love with sports and do a certain amount of exercise every day. And my reason is that I want to be healthy and strong, and the younger I live, so I do sports every day.

At present, the sport I have been insisting on is squatting with heavy load. It is simple and effective. To do sports, we must choose the right way for ourselves, but this is a suitable way for me.

It's not always so smooth to stick to sports every day, because the situation is different every day. If you want to be able to easily complete the daily exercise, you might as well change a way to assist the sports.

What are the commonly used methods? For example, when listening to a song, it will be the way most people will choose. So the way I chose was to watch the MV and exercise again, which made me feel much more relaxed.

Today, while squatting heavily, I watched Season Four of Sherlock, which distracted me very much. I also easily completed 200 squats today, but this is not an absolute good way, after all, the process of sports is painful and happy.

Sometimes you, I and he will have the impulse to give up, but think about every day to exercise their own body is getting better and better, without loss, why not? After all, sports are for their own sake, since the choice should be adhered to.

This is my record of today's sports. You have to refuel if you love sports.

Love life, love sports.










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