If you think you're fat, make yourself thin./如果你觉得自己胖了,那么就让自己瘦下来

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With the continuous development of society, people's living standards are getting higher and higher. People have changed from the basic problem of food and clothing to enjoying life.

In terms of food, drink and play, a person is always willing to spend a lot of time, energy and money. Because it makes them feel very happy, very happy, very refreshing. Especially in terms of food, the better living conditions also breed a group of gourmet enthusiasts.

In China, gourmet enthusiasts are called "eating". I don't know if there will be this word in English words.

The problem is that many people are immersed in eating, drinking and playing every day, but neglect their health problems. Among them, obesity is one of the most prominent problems of modern people, especially for girls, getting fat equals harm.

But laziness limits their freedom. They look at their fattening bodies and think about losing weight, but they can't take practical actions. There is only one practical and effective way to lose weight. That is to keep doing sports every day.

There are many kinds of sports, according to their actual situation, choose a sports way to burn excess calories. I don't want this to be just a statement. I want my friends who want to lose weight to take practical actions. Sports is not difficult. You're just not used to it.

In the weight loss exercise list, aerobic rope skipping can play a very good weight loss effect, followed by anaerobic exercise "weight squatting" and "Bobby exercise". If you want to lose weight, you need to set a workout for yourself, and then try to finish it every day.

The sports proposal of rope skipping is set at 1400-2000, which is divided into 10 groups, 140-200 for each group. It is guaranteed that the fat will disappear after one month, but the premise is that we must persist and not give up. The weight-bearing squat exercise recommended 200-300 times, 1.6 kg-3 kg, weight-bearing tools dumbbell. Then it was divided into 10 groups, each group 20-30.

It may seem difficult, but when your body gets used to the amount of exercise, you will find it easy to do it. It's not a problem to lose weight successfully through this amount of exercise.

Secondly, in terms of diet, if you want to lose weight, you need to eat less spicy and stimulating food, eat more vegetables, fruits and lean meat, and eat a light diet. The right way to exercise with the right diet can not only make you lose weight successfully, but also make you healthy and strong body.

Don't say much. If you want to lose weight, take action.

Love life, love sports.














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