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RE: Introducing SportsTalk.Social and SPORTS

in #sportstalklast year

For SportsTalk. Social, I think this is a very good platform, I like sports, because life lies in sports. In PortsTalk. Social, we can learn about many different sports, and we can also try and learn some sports.

SportsTalk. Social's token SPORTS is also very valuable, I hope every serious sports enthusiast can get it.

For SportsTalk. Social's token SPORTS, I want to say that although creating sports content can get a lot of SPORTS, SPORTS falls so fast that the author may get SPORTS in 7 days, it will become very few. Hope this situation can change, hope SPORTS can be more stable.

In PortsTalk. Social, I would also like to see some very interesting sports, such as martial arts, shuttlecock kicking, race walking, the Tour de Ferrari and so on.