Snowboarding 14 years ago in Switzerland

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When I was younger I used to Snowboard/Ski three times a week for about 7 years.
Got pretty good at it. Not a pro-level, but I really enjoyed jumping and making tricks.
This is one of the old photos I found and scanned it. I was about 14-15 years old at the time.

Landing did not fit in the photo :) It was a huge jump by the way. They call it Big Air, because you have a lot of time when you are in the air compared to other jumps. And landing is quite soft if you get the right speed and land when the jump goes vertical.

Then I started skiing and jumped on even higher jumps making cross-grab-360 degrees if you know what I mean. Feels so bad that I don't have any good photos of my jumps. Anyways, was an excellent time.

Now I don't feel like doing extreme sports because of fear of injuries. Have two kids now and can't afford to get injuries.


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