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Jiu Jitsu, for me, has been a blessing. Since starting to train almost a decade ago, I have stuck with it for the physical, mental and social aspects. The life of a dedicated BJJ practitioner in a pandemic is severely restricted because I could not think of closer quarters than grappling. This is the reason there have not been too many training/competition stories this year and also the reason I am picking it up now. People have to drill at home and train with family if they are lucky like me so that is all the more reason cement more technique into the blockchain.

Source: designed by Brad Ohlman

A couple years ago, I took the time to upload the White Belt Curriculum from our BJJ academy In that old post, there are links to videos going into most of the techniques one would expect to know in order to graduate to blue belt. I participated in most of those classes despite being more advanced than white belt because I love the workout and picking up the details I may have missed.

We are creating a whole new series of more advanced videos to help academy members stay engaged with the club and keep learning & progressing in a lockdown. I posted one last week which covered basic submissions from the Spider Guard. " What is a Spider Guard?" you may ask? Well that is because I got a little ahead of myself and forgot to post.......

Intro to Spider Guard

This is a great transition/control position where you secure the sleeves of your opponent, and manipulate their arms primarily with your legs and core. Ryan takes 14 minutes to explain things right from the beginning so that beginners and experts alike can soak it in.
My favourite detail was around the 7:00 mark where the entry from the position is broken down. I always had difficulty securing control to the point of avoiding the position. The feet on the hips are key to creating space and setting yourself up to enter with posture. Awesome.

I will make sure to post the series in succession for those who practice, and also for those who are considering or even curious as to what a lesson/training looks like. Until I can hang out with and train with these folks again, it will be therapeutic for me as well to stay sharp until rolling time!
I look forward to sharing more of our journey & and the things we learn with the community on the blockchain.



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