Jiu Jitsu Instruction on the Blockchain!

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As a blast from the past and quick catcher upper for my newest followers, I enjoy training brazilian jiu jitsu and sharing the art on the blockchain.

A couple years ago, I shared a series of white belt curriculum sessions from my home academy https://www.stratfordbjj.com I will have to dig up some links so there is a current catalog for people who would like to train, and those who train and would like to fill in some fundamentals.

This past year has been tough on BJJ practitioners (Jiujitieros) as lockdowns have closed clubs, and grappling is a fantastic way to transmit a disease due to the exertion and proximity. We have had to limit contact, restrict to 1 training partner, then closed again under provincial order for another month.

Our leaders have created some more advanced lessons for us to study and drill at home. Some people are as lucky as me and have a training partner in the family so it is a great way to stay active and engaged. I will share the first one now and come up with a suitable format for the rest of the series.


Basic Spider Guard Submissions


In this lesson, Professor Ryan and Ian spend some time demonstrating submissions from the spider guard. This is a neat position as you use your legs and arms to contain and manipulate your opponent's arms. It can lead to a great number of sweeps and submissions if done well.

Drilling it this week with my partner, I remembered quickly how rough this is on your knuckles as you wrap the fabric in your grips! Core strength and agility can really unleash the power of legs as weapons. Shoulder locks, position reversals, blood chokes, and many other controlled attacks can be set up from this position.


Jiu Jitsu has evolved from a cool thing to do into a family affair as my little one, her two cousins, and her uncle also practice the gentle art. He is actually the designer of the JJFL logo I look forward to sharing more of our journey, and the things we learn on the blockchain.



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Conor McGregor should have watched that video.. 😂🤣