Kitchen Exercise!😊

in #sportstalklast year (edited)

Being homesick, the only thing I could do without stressing myself much is being in the kitchen to help out with most of the kitchen works like washing of plates

I took some pictures while doing that. Mom cooked and I helped in the washing of utensils

I could have help out with more thereby exercising the more, but since am not healthily strong, I only washed

This is part of exercise... It somehow made me feel good than just laying in bed just because I am sick... Working in an ill state help get rise of the sickness more quickly than normal or just taking medications😂😊

Gosh!.....who takes selfie while washing in the kitchen...that's me, I do that o😂😂😊 you should try it sometimes🙌🙊😊

And mom was like...what are you doing😕 are you feeling OK?...and I was like.. Sure mom I am, I just need some selfie to prove my work here today and I'll be out of your kitchen😂😹

I washed..!
I worked..!
And most importantly,
I exercised..!
Even in my state, I just couldn't miss it for the world... With this I could also fight my sickness😅

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