Improving posts quality, user interaction, and SPORTS utilization on Sportstalksocial

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There is no denying the fact that quality posts lead to more organic visitors. Such quality posts rank high in search engines. This is why quality contents Authors need to be supported. The support will inspire others to follow suit.

The SPORTS token hasn’t seen much usage. Sportstalksocial is just starting and it’s mainly vote and earn with the option to stake or sell. The recent update by @sportstalksocial looks to implement some measure to burn SPORTS token. This is laudable and I believe there can be more ways to utilize the token.

Sports betting is a crucial part of the sport and it is a billion-dollar industry. William Hill in 2015, generated around 2.37 billion dollars in revenue with about 13.26 billion dollars staked. That shows you how huge the industry is. A part of this industry can be tapped. This is the tipster part. A tipster competition will go a long way to improve SPORTS utilization

How will the above be implemented?

A weekly writing/video contest will be organized. The topic can range from any sports topic such as Who will be crowned 2019/2020 EPL champions to Can Anthony Joshua defeat Andy Ruiz Jr in a rematch. There will be contest rules and all entries promoted on social media. Qualified entries will be rewarded via upvotes

The tipster competition will be a paid one. It means participants will pay a certain amount of SPORTS to participate. The SPORTS will be powered up and delegated to the winners.


User A – J participated in the competition by paying 1,000 SPORTS each. There will be 3 winners that will share the price pool of 10,000 SPORTS delegation. Using a ratio 3:2:1, the first place will get 5,000 SPORTS delegation, second place will get 3,333 SPORTS delegation, and third place will get 1,666 SPORTS delegation. Other participants will be rewarded with upvotes.
The tipster competition is subject modifications as time goes on.

A healthy interaction between users is crucial to the growth of this platform. Regular discord shows will be organized to improve interaction. There will be lots of freebies and lessons learned in such shows.

The need for support

The ideas proposed above need a form of support. 100,000 delegation will go a long way in implementing those ideas. These ideas will surely improve the platform, hence the need for @patrickulrich support.

What do you think about this? Let me know your thought in the comment section.


Excellent information.

I really need to dig into this subject! This is all new to me!

I really need to
Dig into this subject! This
Is all new to me!

                 - peter.sports

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Thanks so much!

@zoneboy, you're a genius.
This is surely a good idea.

Good idea👍

good idea dude

Thank you.

Will entry fees be burned for user submissions? How long will winning submissions last for users who win?

The entry fees will be powered up and delegated to the winners.

With 10 users participating, it means a total of 10,000 Sports entry fee. There will be 3 winners that will share the 10,000 SPORTS delegation. This will encourage curation and decrease the SPORTS in circulation.

This is subject to modification such as promoting the user analysis post. With the recent burning plan in place by @sportstalksocial, winners post can be promoted with the entry fee. This is a win win situation for the winners and the Platform. A good percent of the Sports get burnt and they got the exposure.

The competition will run weekly.

A great initiative, wherever you show a very valid user as well as a real leader

Good idea, I think I will start to write more about sports. Good one!

Good idea, I
Think I will start to write more
About sports. Good one!

                 - ritxi

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Thanx :-) check my latest article about Chelsea style of play in the upcoming season

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Thank you

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Thanks for supporting. There is an account dedicated for abuse fighting. @sportsmod is powered up with around 1,000,000 Sports to fight abuse.

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