Dreams not always came true...

Dudelange loose.png

Dear dreamers

yesterday evening we went back to reality and most strong and experienced team Qarabag from Azerbaijan won 4-1 over Dudi.

Our friend @ritxi which was not believing in another iracle has been right and he won the bet.

Anyway we are still on third place and who knows what will happen next.

The next games are too much over our team possibilities against Sevilla from Spain, but we cannot complaint because Dudi already take over than last year when in 6 games got only 1 point, now we have 3 after 2 games, so nothing to be sad about it.

Next round will be on 24 october, so lets wait 15 days for new bets post.


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This time we loose, but we will still support you service and Dudi too...

Thank you for the win, I feel bad that I won when I was sceptical to your team :)
Sevilla is too much for Dudi as well, but the match starting at 0:0, so I assume, they can be close to the draw in one of these match. And I would say, it might be in Spain! Like Viktoria Plzen was close to the draw last year with Real on away match.
Slavia will play double match against Barcelona, that would be tough, but as I wrote above, it starts 0:0 :-D so we will see

You can't win them all, anything is still possible, and against Sevilla, the only thing you can do is plant the bus in front of the goal, Mourinho style. ;-)
Strange incident with the drone above the field, what the hell was that? Never seen that before!

I had no idea pele was on steem

Not sure you can beat Sevilla. Maybe park the bus

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@intellihandling, Both Win and Lose is part of the game. Good luck and stay blessed.

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