No more hope...

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Dear friends

so last thursday our beloved team Dudelange loose the match with Apoel and loose all hopes to qualify to next round.

Anyway we must understand that between the two teams there are over 70 positions in Uefa ranking, so what they did in the first game was more a mistake of Apoel than a real result on the field.

Dudelange this year did another record, get 3 points in Europa League and it means to not be the last team of group stage like last year.

Next and last match will be in Azerbaijan against Qarabag, so we will follow them in the last game, sure they will do their best to score at list a goal, which will be our bet.

We are from Poland and our teams did not come to group stage for already 2 years, thats why we support Dudelange because their country is small and the teams there are very low level where who play is doing by enjoy more than business, because this football era is based on money and business.

So what do you prefer, to support strong teams with their economic power or small teams with their enjoy of play?

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I will hold my fingers for Dudi in the last game. The same for Slavia as they have only 2 points from this year group stage of Champions League, but they got it from draw in Nou Camp and San Siro, that sounds awesome!

Support big teams that play well

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Support the Large Teams and make a documentary television show. Capitalize on their underdog status to make money in the entertainment industry. That way you can win even if you lose.

Support the "underdog" team full of players who play for the love of the game! Sorry your team is no longer in the running.

I would like to see more teams like Dudi make trouble to big teams, just to find again the sport soul that with business have nothing to do....

@intellihandling, Unfortunate to know that. Hope that your favourite team will achieve more effective results next time. Stay blessed.

I would say the smaller teams out to just enjoy the game.

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