Will be possible to qualify for Dudi?

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Dudelange win.png

Dear friends

our beloved Dudi loose the match against Siviglia without score any goal, but i do not want to complaint about it, because Siviglia can win all matches of this group, so i would like to focus on the other teams.

Apoel and Qarabag made 2 goals each and draw the match, so right now, both teams are still near to Dudi, Qarabag have 4 points, Dudi 3 points and Apoel 1 point.

The next round will be very important, because if Apoel will win, the distance between the qualification will remain only one point, so the last 2 matches will decide the second team to qualify.

Of course this is more than a dream, so what do you think about, Dudi can get the qualification?

Dreams can come true but this will be miracle come true....

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I think APOEL will win against Qarabag this time and Dudi will draw with Sevilla. Then everything is open.

Nothing is impossible and being a numbers game anything can happen, their job was way harder when it started, so now they only need one last-ditch effort to actually do it!

I think Dudelange will have a good mood by winning the next match. Young Laurent Mendy's training performance is very successful. I think he'il definitely score if he plays

Of course it is possible win in Qarabag and at home against Apoel and they’re through! Easier said than done though. But it would be amazing!

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Dear @pele23, i think that all Will be decided next round, if Apoel Will win, than If Dudi Will not loose both other games could be qualified with 3 teams at 5 points...

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Mmm, then the odds are slim for Dudelange, with their goal difference after losing 1-4 and 3-0 it will be very hard to be qualified that way imho

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I think Dudelange will not be qualify even Apoel will win because Sevilla will easily win and get qualify next round and the next 2 games will be not important for them, so your tought is possible only if they will play and win all games...

You are right but we believe in Sevilla professionality....💪

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Not possible for them to qualify

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@intellihandling, If we believe then Dreams can come true for sure. Good wishes from my side and hope that your favorite team will going to win. Stay blessed.

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