100,000 sports token staking commemorative event - Recommend a great post.

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Today I have achieved 100,000 staking sports tokens.
Actually, I did not start the activity on the day when the sportstalk was launched, but I think it is a result of staking out much of the reward.


Now my rank in richlist is ranked ninth.
It is still far from being a godfather of the community.

What I came up with after finding ways to contribute to the community is getting a good posting recommendation.

Is there a quality posting that you have spent a lot of time in, but a posting that only received low rewards?

If you know such a posting (including your own posting), please advise.
I will check and make the appropriate compensation.

I will up-vote for 10 postings.
In the future, I will try to solve various problems for activating the sportstalk community.

Thank you.


Wow, congratulations on staking 100K! That's amazing!

At the right time, I am very happy that this is your position, my congratulations.

I hope you continue like this and help the sports community to be strong and united.

Congratulations. Hoping to join that richlist soon...lol

Congrats for your position! I wrote this post a free days ago with low reward. I have spent time to search news about It.


I checked out your post and gave you an Upvote. Good work but then try as much as possible to avoid spamming on comments. :)

Hi @maxwell95, please stop self comment-voting yourself.
from what I know it's against the rules of most SCOT's, don't know about SPORTS.
it's okay to do it to "promote" yourself at a post but not to use it for curation, you want curation, vote on someone's post, you'll get the same payout
but to see you self-voting it looks bad.
please stop, thanks

You are not sure about Sportstalk ? Well just joined the platform the other day and was trying to see how things work over here. Either way thanks for your intuitive comment

it's okay :)
if you want to curate and earn sports you can just help others and literally earn the same amount as voting your self

Congratulations ... I think it's a great investment and I'll try to accumulate and buy as much as possible !!!

Congrats in being one of the top 10 in the Rich list and for being an investor to the coolest Tribe in the block.

May I recommend this post:


It's also curated by OCD + Blocktrades, you might find it interesting as well.

thank you for your recommend. but this posting issue date is already passed over 92hours.
please, let me know other posting, if you know.

Wow that's really awesome slowly and continuously you topped the chart in the top 10 :) that's great

Congratulations great work you do to this tribe. My goal is stake 100.000 as well. I'm curator and I vote sportstalk posts.

I would highly recommend the below post by @talesfrmthecrypt
This fella not only staked a high amount of Sports token (no. 10 in your screenshot list) but is also one of the best sports writers I have come across. Stop by and see for yourself


thank you for your recommend.

I congratulate you on your first achievement @zzoggo and I am just starting my journey on the Sportstalksocial, so looking at you, I know what to strive for!

I'm also starting my journey as well and must admit i'm pretty excited

nice move!

Wow congrats on that achievement, I am just seated behind you on the richlist with 62k staked...will be coming for you soon hehehe...

I obviously have to recommend my post that I poured my heart on why we must all use the Actifit App, and I checked your profile and you do not use it hehehe..!!

Congratulations 🎊