6-year-old child's baseball opening pitching in KBO

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At the home of KBO Samsung today, there was a special "opening of a ball game".

It is the pitching of a cute 6 year old child. This child's nickname is "baseball prodigy".
I think this pitching is much more stable than that of other adults. Though he is often unable to pitch to the floor or even reach the catcher, his pitching was quite perfect.

In fact, the baseball environment for young children in Korea is in short supply compared to Japan and the United States. This kid is well managed and I hope to become a successful baseball player in MLB.


It must be a great experience when his parents saw him throw in this stadium and the talent he has is very good for his age is a prospect for the big leagues and he will surely be very successful if he proposes

Woah looks like he might be a pretty good pitcher in the near future, and also is a cute one too :)

What a great player this child is despite his young age

Excellent review and photo @zzoggo, I also wish this young player good luck in baseball!

Wow, how amazing `` baseball player '' is this guy, I see he has a lot of talent

nice to meet you and see you here, I will follow you carefully ..