"GO" confrontation of the century with AI, after that I look forward to the starcraft confrontation of human and AI

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In March of last year, there was the Go competition of the century. Do you remember?
It was a confrontation between Google's AI "Alpha Go" and Korean goalkeeper Lee Sedol.
The result was a perfect defeat of 4: 1.


After his first great battle, Lee Se - dol felt that he could not win "Alpha Go" and that he aimed to win the game.
Eventually, he won in the fourth greatest event, and the victory was probably the last victory for human beings in the Baduk Confrontation.

Since then, the world's No. 1 Chinese go player "Ke Jie" has also faced "Alpha Go", but he has not won the game.

Now there are more areas where humans can not win AI. Chess and janggi, and finally "go", also came into the age of AI, and Google announced its aspiration to conquer future StarCraft games.

The confrontation between humans and AI,
Perhaps AI thinks it will conquer almost all areas of humanity.
It will be a fun watching point to see who will win the final title of AI victory in each area.


It is very exciting to expect a type of duel like that and even more so when technology and the world have advanced so much each day. regards

That is a nice review on this game

Great review @zzoggo and I was always interested to watch this game!

Cool blog on game seems interesting thanks for sharing.

I remember those times. All were talking about the possibilities that AI might replace all human capabilities. I don't want to see that happen before I die. I hope it would be just like SF, not real documentaries.

It is fascinated to see what AI is capable of doing. Technology is advancing. We are not going to go backward. And this will bring a lot of changes.

I was so emotional and sad to watch him beaten by Alphago. It didn't feel like only his loss but the whole humanity lost that day. A player like Lee Sedol should never experience such a thing in his life. Heart-breaking.

In fact, I am writing a scientific article which would be published soon and I shall share the link with you, where I actually mentioned him and referred this game.

AI will eventually defeat humans on those games all the times