I am curious about the possibility of Korea's Olympic boycott in the Tokyo Olympics.

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The recent political situation in Korea and Japan is similar to that of war. Japan excluded South Korea from the whitelist, and South Korea responds with the boycott of Japanese products.

In the meantime, there is a story about the Tokyo Olympics next year in Korea.
The Republic of Korea must be absent from the Tokyo Olympics in retaliation for Japan's economic measures.

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I want to hear your opinion.
In fact, there will be many people who do not know what is happening in Korea and Japan, but what do you think about Korea's absence from the Olympics if you know?

I personally think that not participating in the Olympics is not helping to solve the problem. Rather, if you do not attend because of political issues, I think other countries will have a bad evaluation on it.

In any case, the present situation of Korea is not normal. Politically and economically, and everyone thinks that they are all unusual thoughts.

Economic problems between Korea and Japan.
And I wonder how you think about the possibility of Korea 's Olympic boycott in the Tokyo Olympics.


Hopefully there is no boycott in the Olympic games for the good sport.

I think nobody care about boycott of korea.
It ignores the efforts of the national team players for four years.

Too bad that political problems are paid by sport, which does not seem right.

We hope that these political problems that the countries of Korea and Japan have do not harm or damage the image of the Tokyo Olympic Games on behalf of world sport.

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It is in very bad taste that they imply the problems they have between these two countries in something as beautiful as sport, which can make the Olympic games a little damaged, hopefully hope there is no boycott there

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An interesting situation @zzoggo and I will be very sorry if Korea does not go to Japan for the Olympics!

i think now most of korean cannot do reasonable thinking... i worry about it.

I think Korea should better participate it will worsen the situation if they didnt. Is this related to your last post buddy?

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Hopefully all this political pressure between these two countries goes down

Government interference with their policies in sport never brings anything good

Sport is something so magical and special that you don't deserve to be imposed by politics

In sports you should not include politics because it stains the sport and all its magic and it seems that these countries are doing it