Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Kershaw's charity table tennis competition

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The Los Angeles Dodgers Kershaw hosts unusual events every year. It is a charity table tennis competition.
In the absence of competitions, competitions are held for the purpose of raising charity funds and socializing with colleagues.
This year is the seventh tournament.

The main event of the tournament is the double table tennis game.
He made a direct vote and invited the referees to form a real competition.

Kershaw, who has missed the last two years, has won this year. South Korean pitcher Ryu Hyun-jin also participated in the game but was eliminated in the middle.


This charity game is very cool.
Good purpose, good publicity effect of the club. It will also help a lot to socialize the players.

These special events give the fans special fun.


It is a good initiative for this player to give some support, this kind of thing is valued and you have to congratulate him for what he does.

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These types of gestures are very good for maintaining good contact with fans and social support with events like these for a good cause.

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This type of social events that are done in a good way and to support to raise funds are very good way to raise funds for a good cause and at the same time there is a show for fans.

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I agree! events like this gave the fans extra fun

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It is a good work for the enjoyment of the fans

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Dogers with this show the fans and society that they are there to help and support events like this

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I really like what the dogers had with pitcher Kershaw's to raise funds to support society and give a good table tennis event.

This is a great initiative! More charity games like this needs to be created so it can provide more opportunities for the poor but serious-minded people