Political issues should not be linked to sports. Wrong idea of ​​Korean martial arts player!

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Recently, Korea and Japan have suffered tremendous political and economic conflicts.

Today, Korean martial arts players have declared war on their desire to play with Japanese players.

This player is politically unable to forgive Japan, so it is a point to defeat Japan through a confrontation between Korea and Japan.

I hate this marketing very much. And I think that it should not be done.

The reasons are as follows.

  1. Why oppose the Japanese government's policy and why am I playing against Japanese players?
    It was not good that we brought national diplomacy to sports.

  2. No one tells him that he is a representative player of Korea.
    If you loose in a game, I would like to ask you how to do it.

Sport should not be associated with politics. It is said that the Olympic sports spirit should not bring political issues into sports.


I totally agree with you @zzoggo, in sports you should be sports which means you are just merely playing the sports and don't associate anything with lead to political confilict especially with other countries.

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The sport is made for peace, tranquility, enjoy, share a great moment with friends but not for war and less for confrontation

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Politics should not be included in sports because they do not contribute anything good.

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Politics should not interfere in sport because it mistreats and stains athletes and sports enthusiasts

I really agree. Politics should not be included in any sporting event. That will create a lot of negativities.

There should be no intervention on any sporting event.

In a fighting competition, your opponent is not your enemy. You are fighting because that's game. It is not that you hate that player.

Olympic sports spirit should not bring political issues into sports.

I agree with that. In a fighting competition If a fighter starts thinking his opponent as an enemy, that is not the right mindset.

Politics with sport is a bad combination

sport is something very authentic and magical, so it should not be politicized by governments