Special Event of LA Dodgers Game Today - Ryu Hyun Jin's wife's opening of a ball game

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Hi guys.

Besides baseball games, there is another fun. It is "opening of a ball game".
Ryu Hyun-jin's wife, Bae Ji-hyun, played in the match between the Los Angeles Dodgers and the Arizona Diamondbacks today.





She was an announcer in Korea.
She was popular with her beautiful appearance, and after she married Ryu Hyun Jin, she is trying hard to make her own.
Clearly Ryu Hyun Jin's excellent performance would have played a big role for his wife.



Personally, I am a fan of Ryu Hyunjin, but I am also a fan of Bae Hyunjin announcer and I will introduce it to SPORTSSOCIALTALK.
They are couples that fit so well.


I am really glad to heae about them for the first time

I am Ryu's big pan.
thank you for your comment


thank you for your comment!!

you are welcome~

Awesome event bro also nice photografhy collection.

Ryu Hyun-jin is a player.

Ryu's wife is absolutely gorgeous. Next time try to put the image's source. Best regards!

His wife is so beautiful.
yes i will remain picture source from next posting.

Feel the earthquake?

what is meaning of your comment?? hmhm,,,

really good!