Special match of 'Wrestling national representative vs Jiu-jitsu champion' is held in Seoul

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A very interesting match is held in Seoul.
South Korea's wrestling national champion and American jiu-jitsu player are wrestling.

The two players each have a brilliant career.

Min-Bong Min: Asian Games Wrestling Republic of Korea and Bronze Medalist


DJ Jackson: Winner of Abu Dhabi Grand Slam in Tokyo

20th and 21st at the 'Spider Open Championship Wrestling Competition' in Seoul, Korea.

Martial arts are especially interesting for the players of other sports. Even if it is not the batting-oriented game like UFC, I am really looking forward to what kind of game will be played in the wrestling where the ground technology is the main focus.


martial arts are purely strategy and pure strength where intelligence is combined with strength to win

Las artes marciales son muy rudas y entretenidas por el contacto que hay pero a la vez son muy peligrosas. Las luchas libres son espectaculares y especiales para observarlas y disfrutarlas

Martial arts athletes must be skillful, strong and great to withstand this level in fights.

This is wrestling in its entirety is strong and not everyone can practice this sport.

martial arts is very interesting and special in its kind but one has to respect no matter what happens :)

i think martial art will erupt as the next big thing in sports its just getting started once again

@zzoggo, Whenever we talk about the Wrestling it's more Traditional Game in my opinion. Hope that you've enjoyed this battle. Stay blessed.

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This will be an exciting game hehe. Fight of the titans!! Can't wait to see the winner that will come out of this encounter.