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RE: Service is closed

in #sporttalk2 years ago

Hi @shukh. Thanks for this great offer.

I already sent 1000 Sports token with the link on the memo :).

Also since I already sent 1000 Sports, how can I receive the free upvote for the first five?

Is there a way to reach you on discord?


i create soon discord server you are qualify to free upvote

Hi @shukh, I sincerely want to communicate with you. I have a few questions.

balthus #3552

I sent 1000 sports to get that upvote of yours to my post. So I paid for that.

That being said, for me to receive the free upvote of yours. You need to upvote my other post perhaps?

your payout is refund check it

I sent a memo to you. I hope we can communicate today.