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When it comes to sports, Indians are very keen towards Cricket. Even India has a very good spot in international cricket.

Again every Indian book teaches us that Hockey is the national sports for India. May be because of the success of India in Olympics and International hockey.

Do you know India has won almost 11 gold medals in Hockey (Olympic games).

But India has no national sports !!!!!

Don't be surprised, its true and the information is from the Ministry of Indian Constitution.

This revelation came to light through a RTI request filled by a 12 - year old girl. After that it was confirmed by the sports ministry that, India has no national sports.

The reason behind the text books describing Hockey as national sports may be because of the success of India in Hockey before independence and early independence era. India was really strong in Hockey and it was the most popular sports in India that time.

But a popular sports and national sports is very different. Now cricket is most popular in India, but still its not the national game. We are unbeaten in world Kabaddi, but its not the national sports too.

So India has no national sports ..... Not even hockey !

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