Yes! We Won! The Super Eagles Of Nigeria

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Hi guys,

Yesterday, a lot of Nigerians published a post on the Nigeria - South Africa quarterfinal game.

Well, I am a football fan and Manchester United is my club, but as a Nigerian, I am a Super Eagle lover although they can get on my last nerve like 80% of the time, I love them regardless.

Frankly, the boys have been doing so well in this tournament and I must give it to them plus the fact that we have an amazing coach.

Image Sourced From @Ogoowinner's blog

It may interest you to know that the Bafana Bafana boys won the host nation which was actually a big deal. The South Africa team silenced the Egyptian crowd and it scared the hell out of me. So, I wasn't sure the Eagles will come out of this one.

During the game yesterday, I was tensed all through the match and could barely sit. At first, I thought I was going to pass out LOL! I tried to get hold of myself, but nothing seemed to be working until the first goal by Chukwueze.

Overall, it was a tough game, but I was happy the boys did an amazing job. The happiness that I had yesterday, spilled over to this morning. And I think it will last to the next game.

Congratulation to the Super Eagles
I am proud of you guys.
It will be really nice to bring the cup back home.

Thank you for reading

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Congratulations from this South African. Your team did well. I think @joetunex will be glad too. Hope your team takes the cup.

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Lol yes I was glad Nigeria won @reonlouw 🙈 better luck for Bafana Bafana next time.

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I hope so too. Thank You! You guys did well too.

I'm happy for the eagles.... Go for the medals boys
June 14th is around the corner

Huh? I guess you meant to say July 14th 😁😁

July 14th instead .... Thank you

Is a super win, a well deserved win.
Congratulations to the super eagles.
I'm very proud of the boys too, there's no doubts that we might get to the finals.

Yes, I am super proud of them.

I’m not a football type or fan, I didn’t watch the match, but I concluded that Super Eagles 🦅 lost the game considering how dead and silent our street was throughout the time.

I’m happy to hear from you that Nigeria 🇳🇬 Super Eagles won the match.

Congratulations 🍾🎈🎉🎊 to our boys.

Hope to kiss 😘 the cup at home!!

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Lol! I am sure the boys will bring the cup back home.

Super Eagles had a good play!!
If they stay focus, they will have the cup home!!

I really hope so. I can't Wait!

Yea, you guys did great last night....but the trophy will be for

Lol! I don't agree with you. a friend would say, we see to live. And if you get confuse just go with we live to see