I present my new project: Splinterlands Magazine

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Hello everyone, I want to present to you today a new project about Splinterlands that I am starting now.


Some time ago I was writing a news post about Splinterlands twice a week that was published through the @contestkings account.

It consisted of panning out some interesting and relevant publications about the game, commenting on them and presenting their links.

The idea was that by reading this newsletter people would have access to various publications gathered, thus facilitating reading about the major recent events of the kingdom of Splinterlands.

Well, it turns out that the @contestkings account, unfortunately, stopped working, but I would not like to stop this work, which for me is quite enjoyable to do, so I just created a new account: @splinterzine, the Splinterlands Magazine.

In this account, I intend to continue publishing the newsletters, and the chosen posts will also receive upvotes from me and several friends who will vote following me as if it were a curated trail.

Hope you like it. What's up? what did you think of the idea? Any suggestion?! Thanks for reading and comments.

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Followed. Looking forward to it.

Nice ! I am already working and should start soon!

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Sounds great, Mary Emily!

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😍 @carrieallen


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Thanks for everything and for the tip! I will use.

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Sounds Awesome! Hope your project takes off and brings more interested players into splinterlands it’s only the beginning stages I think once the mobile app launches we’ll be in for a big influx of players

Nice. I am also looking forward to seeing our favorite game dominate the planet. Now you give me an idea of maybe creating a facebook to publicize these newsletters, I'll think about it.

Mto interessante, fiquei interessado, cmo dar início?

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Basta escrever um post interessante em inglês sobre o jogo e compartilhar no canal Splinterlands do Discord. Estarei selecionando vários a cada 2 ou 3 dias, para incluir nas publicações.

Looking forward to that content.


congratulations for the excellent work, success always!

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very nice !

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good work

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good luck !

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