SplinterZine – #04 – January 13 – 2020

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We are back!


Did you know that now, besides TRON, Splinterlands cards and DECs are also compatible with Ethereum blockchain? Learn more here by @mistakili:

Splinterlands - Spreading Like Wildfire


Dark Energy Crystals, DECs are the currency of the game! Better understand what it can do and how this system works in the post by @dalz:

Burning DEC! | Enter The Untamed Era | December 2019


Now let's talk about the bots, the automatic artificial intelligence software that plays for you and that has evolved a lot, here @bauloewe talk about your experience as a developer:

Procrastinating Rank 1 in Splinterlands


In this other great post @newageinv tells us about the news and perspectives for the diffusion of the game and also about his adventures as a player:

Splinterlands Sunday: Which Way is North from Here?


Here is a great description and reflection by @burn-it-down about your daily quest:

Splinterlands - My Today's Daily Quest


Playing at Splinterlands leads us to continuous learning and self-development. Here too, good thoughts and important tips from @sayee who says beginner but already very wise:

Make wise use of your cards


And to finish this edition, a lot of art, I am very amazed by their talent and never tire of contemplating the drawings by @eliana-art, @jordangerder and @yanes94, enjoy:

Splinterlands Art Contest - Week 66 - Medusa


Splinterlands: Kron The Undying (FanArt)


Splinterlands Art Contest - Stonesplitter Orc Vs Pixie Ice


Just for today, see you soon in the next issue! All images from original posts and @splinterlands.


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thank you for this, mari!!!

You're welcome!

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Thank you very much @marianaemilia, for choosing and supporting my work. <3 <3 <3

You're welcome, you deserve so much more, Thanks, and congratulations on your beautiful work.

congratulations for the excellent work, success always!

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great job

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SplinterZine is awesome!

@jacekw Thanks! And thank you for honoring and teaching me so much. kisses

Keep going with this lovely magazine.

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Thanks !!

good work !

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very nice

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Hi marianaemilia thanks a lot for the shout out. Nice selection of posts you've got here as well. I like the initiative,I will be keeping a close eye now.


You're welcome ! You deserve it, and thank you for honoring!

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