SplinterZine – #08 – January 22 – 2020

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Hello, we're back. The most important part of the game is undoubtedly the battles, and describing, analyzing and trying to understand what happens during the fight is one of the main themes of the publications and an inexhaustible source for the production of great content by our faithful community of players.


The following are some interesting recent posts about battles! Starting with the week’s challenge: The Brownie, by @welshstacker:

Can you beat my monkey? He might be little, but he packs a punch!


Now a battle over one of the new reward cards that are very successful for its lethal abilities to wreak havoc on the enemy’s back lines, the Silvershield Assassin by @vcdragon:

splinterlands battle life team useing SILVERSHIELD ASSASSIN sneak


With the new UNTAMED cards and a bunch of new reward cards that were released almost simultaneously, the range of possibilities when choosing which monsters to fight with has increased a lot.

Little by new strategies and combat systems are being developed as players try out all these options, then @mrosen94 addresses this theme and shows some of these new ideas:

The High Life


Some battles are memorable and make us proud, which generates material for great posts like this one from @mistakili:

Almost Flawless Victory - Splinterlands


But not everything is always perfect and players also report their most varied experiences, difficulties, and what they intend to do to improve and evolve, read the new post by @oadissin :

Will I see you in the Diamond league?


Now a slightly scary and instructive topic, when transferring packs and tokens through the Steem Engine, be very careful not to send them to the wrong address, here tells us @yonilkar who already made this mistake and knew how to overcome it:

I Lost Untamed Booster packs


Now let's see some important and basic tips for those who are starting their journey through the magical kingdom of Splinterlads, by @filler:

One line tips (Steem monsters) For newbies


Today I bring again the master of card reviews, @stever82, talking about the Dragon Untamed Cards:

Splinterlands Card Review Dragon Untamed Cards


To conclude as always we will have some samples of art, and the most beautiful drawings and their creation process, made with care by @jordangerder and @planosdeunacasa:

Splinterlands: Ice Pixie (FanArt)


Sea Monster - Acrylic painting / Splinterlands Art Contest!


That's it for today, friends. I see you without fail in tournaments or on the battlefield, follow us on Facebook, and also subscribing to our curated trail on Steem.Auto.

All images from original posts and @splinterlands.


I loved the Ice Pixie fan art, thanks for sharing!

very nice !

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you is a great player

Thanks a lot, @vcdragon. You are also a very good player, it is a pleasure to battle with you! :D

Fantastic community work with your Splinterzine! Keep-it-up


congratulations for the excellent work, success always!

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great job !

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good work !

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