SplinterZine – #11 – February 05 – 2020

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Hello guys! It is with pleasure that I present you another edition of SplinterZine, our newsletter, and interesting articles about our most beloved crypto game.

Screenshot_2020-02-05 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png

This week the new rewards system started to work, now we receive not only cards but also potions and even DECs in daily and seasonal rewards, find out what has changed in the official post by @splinterlands:

New Reward Cards & Updates


This has been the most talked subject at the moment, and several players have been posting about their impressions about this new system, for example in the publications by @tsnaks and @rentmoney:

Splinterlands Adding Loot Boxes !!!


Opening My First Reward Chest + UNTAMED Pack Opening With Potions!


As we saw in the last post, for those who open booster packs, it will now be more interesting to be able to open them using their own reward potions and @bozz, decided to open Beta packs that can no longer be purchased by the official website, but which can still be acquired by example through the Steem Engine, in his post he shows us how it went and what he achieved:

Bozzlife: Opening some Splinterlands packs


The contest to share your battle this week is about a very useful card, the Naga Windmaster, which has Headwinds as a basic ability that reduces the enemy's arrow damage, making it a phenomenal opponent against arrow summoners like Selenia Sky and Prince Rennyn. This Naga cannot be missing from your collection. At its peak, it still acquires the ability to poison!

Today, as a preview, we selected two excellent publications, from @ahmadmangazap and @mistakili:

Naga Windmaster & My Utter Defeat


Walkthrough With Naga Windmaster - Splinterlands


Finally, another great news! A new way for any Splinterlands player to get the unique possibility of making even more profit from their favorite game, becoming an ambassador and helping to publicize and spread the game in stores and commercial establishments, here's how:

Splinterlands Ambassador Program Announcement


This was another episode of SplinterZine! Follow on Facebook, and subscribing to our curated trail on Steem.Auto. To the next.

All images from original posts and @splinterlands.


Awesome post, thanks for the mention!


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Glad you like, @rentmoney. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for featuring my article here. Very grateful.

By the way, beta Packs can be bought from Steem-engine? How could someone sell their packs there?

The Ambassador program looks cool!

Hi, @ahmadmangazap this I don't know, but I know that it is possible to buy closed beta packs, just search for the BETA token, unfortunately they are not cheap:
Screenshot_2020-02-05 Steem Engine - Smart Contracts on the STEEM blockchain.png

Thank you @marianemilia for featuring me again...big huggs...resteemed...are you on twitter? And it will be nice to challenge you to a battle sometime :)

Hi, @mistakili. Welcome again. Thanks for the support. About Twitter, in fact I need to log in. Haven't we engaged in battle yet? It would be an honor. Hugs. :D

thanks. Learning the most i can from the best :)

@michealb Thanks! I am also still learning a lot from you all, our journey is long. Kisses.

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Thanks for sharing SplinterZine with the #battle gang 👍

thanks for the support

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Thanks a lot! @vcdragon. You are the best!

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congratulations for the excellent work, success always!

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