Tribe SPUD

in spud •  10 months ago 

@streetstyle came up with SPUD a couple of months ago and it is now already in round 7.

SPUD = STEEM Power Up Day

At least for me I am starting to associate tribes with STEEM as much as I do Steemit. They found their way in our middle and more and more popping up with different models of token distribution and topics.

On Sportstalk I see many people being more active or only being active there and I assume this is true for other tribes as well.

But we have to consider that regardless which tribe you are cheering for we have to exit through the same door which is STEEM so we should take good care of our motherbase.

That being said I think it would be great if SPUD would find their way to the tribes as well.

On my main tribe there is a lot of drama anyway and I think this would be a good opportunity to come a bit together.

At the end of the day we want to have a close community which token has a high value and one day not selling and powering up is a step towards that goal.

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I would like to know what will happen with tribes when we will have SMT's and will sports move to SMT's or it will stay with steem-engine ?

I think we have to wait and see. I think they can coexist though

why I'm not staking millions yet to be locked in almost a year till I see how that affects Sports and also with VOICE coming out and having a lot of good things on it Steemit lacks imho, least am being honest about it lol,
yeah time is gonna tell but given trackrecords am gonna prolly sit back with popcorn O.o

I have not heard a lot about voice except a KYC procedure which is a no go for me so far.

Regardless how SMTs / Communites will affect tribes I am sure the majority of the tribes will honor their tokens in a way or another if they should switch

oh I'm not jumpin' on the Voice bandwagon but do think some of their proposals seem to be what helped crunch the ballz of Steemit the last year or so. Can't imagine them not being honored or probably integrated somehow, it's an interesting ride at the very least

I think I have to read up on that because I only know about the KYC and they spend a lot of money and I found the KYC thingy so offputting that I was not interested anymore.

SPUD is a great idea. I will participate in it the next month. It will be good to see that in tribes as well. It is still the first day of the month, even for tribes ?

I would say so. So far nobody seems to be interested but I hope to get some awarnes going till the first


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