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RE: You are crazy if you think TRIBES are not HUGE for STEEM!

in #steem-engine2 years ago

I actually felt the same way since using sportstalk actually, reading, watching and writing sports article is my passion

There is no denying the fact that I have been seeing a tremendous increase in the amount of interaction I have been receiving on my posts since beginning to use the various tribes that have sprouted up. I am getting real replies on my posts from active users, I am receiving much more in rewards, and most of all I now have the motivation to create for all of my niche hobbies.


It only takes one small incentive to reignite the inner sports torch!

Yeah I thought steemit actually was looming but when I try to research about these tribes you can't really tell all the stories just by barely looking at it.

Exactly, some people who used to be active are really missing out on these new tribes and their tokens. I’m glad you decided to take a look.