SPORT dumpers after realizing they've made a mistake... #sportstalks

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Hello SportsTalkers!

As most of you noticed the price of SPORT went down quite a bit in the past few days but I'm still staying very optimistic about this tribes future. In my opinion, almost every tribe now is unfortunately facing the problem of opportunistic users who come around just for the quick buck. Steem-Engine is still young and the current volume doesn't reflect even 1% of the possible volume in the near future.

Don't celebrate too early SPORT dumpers

STEEM currently breaks 1 million USD in volume on exchanges each and every day, taking in count those numbers reached almost 100 million USD per day the last bull run. STEEM is a sleeping giant and when that volume comes back we might see Steem-Engine blow up with all that new money coming in. #sportstalksocial has so much potential to grow and become a leading token on steem blockchain one day.

I don't know why would anyone want to miss that.

I'm not expecting from anyone to hodl and stake every single coin they get but how about you sell them for a reasonable price? I would love me to have a few thousand STEEM right now and buy all the cheap SPORT I can get my hands on. Yet I am no expert and after analyzing this matter I've come to a conclusion that its better if I shut up. Your thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by and stay awesome!

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We have to fight a lot of abuse and plagiarism to get the price back up.

I agree but here's a solution. Whoever made this platform has the ability from what I know, to issue new coins, and in this case, I wouldn't mind seeing a 10 million stake on a few accounts such as @sportsmod and just run over the abusers with ease.


Believe me when they start realizing they can't earn any more the abuse will stop or at least drop 90% or so. Hope to see this place grow!

I just began a few days ago but I am staking everything I get, I am just focusing on about 4-5 tribes I wouldn't be able to manage all of them anyway, but the one that I think I will do best in is Sportstalk because sports is something almost everyone likes so I am liable to get a few votes just talking about say, football, which I really like.

Hey welcome!

4-5 tribes is a lot so I'll give you props for even trying, I couldn't handle more than SPORT and WEEDCASH.

but the one that I think I will do best in is Sportstalk because sports is something almost everyone likes


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