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RE: You are crazy if you think TRIBES are not HUGE for STEEM!

in #steem-engine2 years ago

Hi @daltono,

i agree fully. Steem used to be very cluttered up and now with tribes, it is much more easy to navigate the various communities. I suppose that the tokenised projects are also quite organised, all willing to weed out (excuse the pun) the bad content from the good!. In any case, great post (and artwork!). Bests, P


It’s much easier for a regular Steem user, we understand how everything works here.

I believe tribes may have just made Steem evens more confusing to the new uses. Hopefully this will change and everyone can join in soon.

Also thank you! I’m all about my designs.

Thanks man. Much appreciated. On a different note, how do you feel about paid post promotion? Do or don’t? Some get huge upvoted, others don’t..

Are you talking about something such as bid bots?

No the option to promote your posts by paying Sports for example and getting in to the promoted section

It’s a fine option, but I probably won’t use the feature. It’s good for new users to help get started when nobody knows about their content.

Are you using any bidbots @daltono? if so, is there any particular one you'd recommend (for sports)?