Steem Fantasy Premier League #3 is here!

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Hello everyone and welcome to the third hosting of Steem Fantasy Premier League!

Some exciting new changes to this year are the addition of the tribe #sportstalk which will be adding 1 million SPORTS tokens to the reward pool to be distributed to the best managers at the end of the season along with Steem that will be accumulated throughout the year by the post rewards (has been between 3-4k Steem in the previous ones). Other changes include extra upvotes on comments related to the Fantasy League and games which if you post them through the Sports Talk Social front-end will mean you'll be rewarded both SBD/Steem and SPORTS!

Without further ado here are the guidelines of how to enter the Steem Fantasy Premier League!

How to enter

  1. Go to the official Fantasy Premier League website and create an account if you don't have one.
  2. Then you have to select your squad (a link to a website with tips about this below).
  3. Then go to "leagues" and join our league by entering the code s45brd
  4. (and this is important!!!) post a comment with your Team's name in these posts, failure to do so up to gameweek 02 will result in no reward payout at the end of the season!

For new Managers wanting to read on what kind of players to choose and which prices to go for I recommend checking out this website which has a lot of good info:

Prize Distribution

The Prize Distribution at the end of the season will be be similar to last seasons with the top Manager winning 40-50% of the prize pool, second spot 20-25% up to #10 with 2-3%, if we more managers and interest this year the tail may be lengthened meaning players will be able to win something even if placed in #20.

We expect about 3-4k STEEM to be collected with these posts and at the same time a lot of SPORTS tokens along with the 1 Million SPORTS tokens that were sponsored by sportstalk, and along the way active managers talking about the gameweeks, their decisions, predictions and maybe some friendly banter will be able to earn upvotes in both STEEM and SPORTS as well!

Will you be the best Manager on Steem this season? Let's find out!

click here!

click here!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment section!


Bring it ON. Looking to improve from the last season.
Team Name: Lawlees United.

Team name: Dolov_ua

I'm in. Team name is Show Me The Mane :)

I'm in

Team name: Suffragette City

Thanks so much for organising again. My team name is Cool Moves. Cheers.

I am in.
Team name : Kasher Daand.

Woot! Joining this for the first time.
Team Name: DFA FC

That's great.

Looking forward to it this season!

Team Name: Treble Treble

ok first time playing fantasy, hope it will be fun.
as i registered to play with steem people bil.prag is the name of the team

I didn't join last year but i'm jumping into the pool this time. Going to give it a big run.

I've signed up and joined the league!

My Team's Name: Excalibury

Have register my team is breezefc

I am in pl11

Yesssss!!!! Can't believe the season is about to begin again! Let's go! :D

I'm gonna try and not forget about my team this year. ;)

I hope so too! ;)..I would like to see you in the top 10 this year! :D

I guess if you participated in the previous one you are already in the league.

Squad name is Koscielny ni �. I know. I tried adding an emoji at the end and that is what I got. :))

Ready for a new season!!!
Team Name: Ehizzy FC

I joined the league.
Team Name: eeeps

I'm in as well. Gonna be making a team later today or tomorrow

Team name: Smiley Fries by Cajita Feliz

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Good to see the #sfpl has returned!

I am Asher's Aces again.

Done and dusted.

Team name: miniature tigers

Now I just have to work out the whole Sports Talk thing!

I'm in!! My team is

Moos Like Jagger


Joined up my team is Eina Emery :P ready for my first week in the steem fantasy league

I guess you're a gooner like me then?

Indeed I am sir, it’s been tough to support them but I wouldn’t choose any other club

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Yes it is tough. I am an Arsenal supporter myself and I post regularly on sportstalksocial about Arsenal. Please join the discussion every now and then . I would love to hear what you think

Super excited about this season, especially from an Arsenal point of view. I already have my team ready and will hopefully do better this season.

My team name for this season is Dong Power Fc

My team is tartempion

I'm in . Sissokos Hand FC .

I'm in, Brazilian dude here! Team name: Akatsuki

Here we go!! My team name is 'MarchingOnTogether', a team made up of former Leeds players now playing in the premiership, plus a few top drawer additions!

As always, thanks for running this @acidyo and good luck to everyone entering :-)

I joined the league. My team name is JUBREAL F.C

My team is Llanero FC.

My team name is : Obest FC

I joined. Team name is Zoneboy

I'm in!
Team name: Teofilex LFC

My team is treze.
Let the games begin! :)

✋ Team name : Amaliatul Scuad 👌

Hi, I joined the league. Hopefully both Chelsea, under Super Frankie Lampard, and my team "FC Lampard" will have a great season. Good luck to everyone. Ps. just put the armband (C) and Salah and relax...

I am in with team name: Aubamebangbang

I just joined

Team Name: Big Dee FC.

Done. My team name - stormlight24

Team name: -Metalheadz-

Entered- best of luck to everyone!
Team name is Kinderjurgen Klopp

Done! Neves Gonna Win

My team: Stern des Sudens

Looking forward to the new season! ⚽️

I am autojoined from previous season.
For verification, my team name is: Jay Pashupatinath

 last year (edited)

my team: Achen United FC

Welcome back @munaa!


In again hoping to improve on my top 8 finish....

Let me know if you need any help running the league :)

Nanzo's Crew

Team Tszunami in the game for the 3rd season in a row. GL everyone

My team name is mmunited. I am happy to join fantasy league. In previous season I late to join the fantasy league.

my team name is Galaxy FC.

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Can't believe the season is starting again already, feels like it just ended. Time flies. Good luck.

Team name: Steem-a-holics

new here
team name : MFORCE

My team name is Baa. Wish me luck.

my team : Ade Fc

Just sign up for the league

Team name: Oxygen FC

Here my team name is Arfa Steem Fc :))

First ever attempt to play fantasy premier league, seems interesting and joined.

Team Name: The Rangharh

Team name : JSV26 FC

I'm in. Team name : The Syndicate

Back to Steemit to participate in SFPL #3 :)

Team name: Oho-ho-ho

Maybe too late - but I ma in the league - team "SportsTalk Team 2020"

Im in!!
My team is: damar27s team

I'm in


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Name: ( ͡ᵔ ͜ʖ ͡ᵔ )

Good luck to everyone!

My team name is "Lucky Strikers".

2 days till Week 1...

My fantasy team name is Richgang team

Team Name: Newton Heat

I'm in

Team Name: Dtwo FC

Signed up. Team name is "cant think of a name"

Good to have you on #sportstalk mate! Feel free to DM all the league's posts to give them full support though I'll be aware, Is not that much but it can help a little with prizes. Regards sport.

Hello Hello, I´m in!!! PandaParker is my team

Hello @acidyo.
my team fantasy league named is Alpayasteem Football..😁

cool the new Saison is started!!
I miss on your website "Login in with Steemconnect"
have a good Saison 19/20
cheers 🤠

Kay, I'm in.

Team name please. :)

FC Manni

My team name is lebey1.

Resteemed and upvoted

Woww... finally season will begin... will try it

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What a match! 💪 Cool!😎

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  1. I will surely be part of this, that's why am dropping comment to keep tab.
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Nice sir i like spporttalksocial already in these league

My fplteam is : opa-six baddest

Team Name : Walet VC 👍

Sorry your account seems to be inactive/an alt.

Team Name : Walet VC 👍

Team Name : Dead_Man super

Whizben is my fantasy premier league name

My team name is aj Lee team

Team name


my team: Achen United FC

My fpl name is : Easy players

Team Name : Walet VC 👍

My team name is soft team

I'm in
Team name : Allwork nation

Done...!!! Lets The Party
My Team Name: FC Buraq Meugari

Sorry your account seems to be inactive/an alt.

Lacazette is my team name

Mind your team

Codine team is my fpl

Team name : Walet VC 😍

Sorry your account seems to be inactive/an alt.

Done...!!! Lets The Party
My Team Name: FC Buraq Meugari