I have big dreams and potentials, be my true fan.

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I am Adesoji, I am Israel and I'm from the lineage of sotubo sagamu, Ogun state. My steemit handle is @adesojisouljay. I have been on steem for about two years now and I'm still trying to get more focus and see how I can bring my dreams here. I have actually started but I have not gotten enough encouragement yet. But I am not relenting. I'm always @adesojisouljay' I have big dreams and passion for souls and humans, I need your encouragement. Support the works I do!

I am not doubting my ability. I was made for this before I was born, so I am sure about who I am. But my fruit can not be eaten by me. So I need someone reading this post to be my true fan. I have a number one true fan who believes in me than any other. His name of GOD, He is the one who calls me and gave me this vision son he believes in me. I need you to be my number 2 fan! I'll appreciate your love.

Very soon I'll be launching my YouTube Chanel where I'll build an online presence for my vision. What I was born to do is what my body and immune system responds to. I am who I am. The content of this YouTube Chanel is strictly going to be the message of the gospel which God has given me. I'll be updating on the steem blockchain as I am updating on the YouTube Chanel.

I'll love you to subscribe on my YouTube chanel when the link is shared.

My aim is to refocus our minds on the true essence of the gospel of Jesus and the purpose of his coming. If you follow me, I'll also help you understand God's plan and purpose for everything. The concept is about a KINGDOM, this is a powerful revelation! You can't grasp it except by the spirit of God. I am not ministering alone to Christians, the same God is for us. The same God accepts the worship of anyone who understands how to access him.

There is an access to God that is missing in our world. It looks like the world is under a spell and the creator is not happy looking at the condition of his creations. Most of us haven't realised the nature of the creator. He loves, he is not concerned about our errors but about our success. I have seen myself in the image of the creator. I have become the easencs of his being. I am like him, so he is my first fan. The first one who believes in me and enthrustes me with such a great vision. Each time I feel I am not yet ready, he'd say to me, that's a high sign of commitment.

Then I discovered that the requests of God is equal to his injection. I know God wouldn't request from me what he didn't supply.

I have built myself that I may become a blessing to the world. I still don't know enough, but for your sakes I ovary grown that I may share with you the little I've learnt. I have grown out of the ranks of my colleagues, I have grown to the ranks of God. So now as he is, so also am I in this world. I am not afraid of tough times, my vision is real and I'm convinced. Only God could trust me and entrusted me with the assignment.

I'm typing this sleeping actually, but I hope I passed a message. TodY is Friday, perhaps I'll regain strength and get up stronger tomorrow. I wish to make this post a video so that I can express my mind fully.

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I'll reread myself tomorrow to see what I have typed. Because even right now, I'm sleeping, dozing and feeling weak, yet typing(proving my passion for steem).

Thanks to my fans that will read and enjoy! But I have typed this post from the depth of my heart. Support me and encourage me!

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