Value Is In The Community

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This is going to be a blunt post and to the point and I don't care if it ruffles feathers. Most users that I know think along the same lines and are thinking similar thoughts to what I am going to raise on this post. This is not attacking anyone, but just raising some issues I have been noticing.

Steem users who have been on Steem for some time will understand where I am coming from. I have been on there for 20 months or so now and have been part of the community from day one. Steem is about growing your account along with others around you, it is impossible to grow it on your own so you interact with as many users as possible. It is not circle jerking,but spreading your vote around. That is how you grow and the bigger you get I suppose it becomes circle jerking at some point.

When I look at a hell of a lot of Sportstalk users who have been on here from early on and don't hold a huge stake I would expect to see a decent sized Steem stake at least or maybe another token that you may have invested in. I wouldn't expect to see 100 Steem or 200 Steem and not many Sports Tokens as that tells me you have milked both ends and that is not good. I do get that some people need to earn money to live and pay bills, but Sports is too young as a token to just plunder every day. There are only so many buyers and when there is no new money coming in the token will drop like a ton of bricks and your Sports tokens you sell every day will be worthless.

The question is why would anyone support someone like that as you are just going to send every token or Steem you make to the exchanges and you hold no value to other users on here. I have no problems supporting users who are growing on Steem, Sportstalk or another token, but refuse to help the users who are just plundering every site they are on. Those users are just using everyone around them and are pure leeches who don't deserve anything.


The community is where the true value lies and I don't care if the token drops even further down the charts as I love sports. The token value is secondary as luckily I have Steem as the main account. If Sports drops down to 0.000001 which it could possibly do then what for most of the plunderers you are screwed as you have literally killed the Goose that laid the golden egg. I will still be here as it doesn't change anything for me as I am here for sports and the people around me with similar interests.

I read a comment on another post tonight saying it may not have been wise to stake 1 million Sports tokens considering what happened to Scorum. All I can say that is seriously negative and thank heavens I never went to Scorum. Maybe there are loads of Scorum users here now and why the comment was said.There is a big difference though which many forget and that there are loads of Steem users on Sports who were never part of Scorum and why I say Sports will succeed.

What I don't understand is we can see the exchange under pressure with the price dropping yet users still are sending tokens to the market.This is not just Sports, but all the tokens have been under pressure at some point and no common sense has been used by selfish individuals. I could be sending 140 000 tokens a day to the exchange and then looking right now the token value would be in the 0.0005 range. All I am saying is use your brains and give the token a chance to recover.


It's true that everyone is free to do whatever one wants with their tokens but it's also true that there's a possibility to stake, that is going to bring you more. I'm not comfortable curating users who sell every token and I don't care what others say. I'm here to stay and build.

Thats the great thing about the blockchain , you can see who are buying selling but when the price rises then the sellers will price themselves out of the market . Anyway I wonder could @abh12345 work his magic and do a spreadsheet looking at the the top ten largest selling accounts and then compare it with the steem going to exchanges so the "bills" can be paid. Then just dont upvote them . Simples. What did these people do before blockchain? Work maybe? I dont mind selling a percentage of their reward for steem but what you say above is just leeching the system and it will be the reason that Steem, whaleshares weku and scorum all end up on the scrapheap . There will be alot of "Final Warning Bills" being sent out when that happens. Great post mate . We need more people like you saying how it is .

What did these people do before blockchain? Work maybe?

This isn't really an argument. There are a number of big whales on Steem 'earning a living' from it and many people around the world earning a living from 'blogging'. Even @taskmaster4450 mentioned in a recent post that curating could become a job!

I'm always interested in what peoples end-game is here? How long do they hodl? When exactly is the right time to actually use funds? Everyone's idea is different. I've been reading a lot of posts recently from people who are beating themselves up because they were greedy and didn't take profits last year. Is this a mistake that many of us could make again?

Anyway, we are looking at different cultures, level of wealth and starting perspectives. We are all of course mainly talking about African and Asian members of the community who have zero engagement and pull and sell everything so if perhaps we put ourselves in their position of mainly having very little, would our views be altered?

Common sense all round is needed but again, large stakeholders have influence and should use it as they think is necessary to benefit the wider community, so we all have choices to attempt to improve the token price.

I think a more relevant statistic to look at would be the number of tokens sold out daily compared to the number staked. I think this would help us get a better overall picture of how our token economy is coping.

It's a tough one as this data isn't all in SteemSQL and on the side-chain. I must admit that I have been selling as much as I've been staking following my original buy-ins at 10x ++ this price.

The token is print-rate is huge due to an early exploit 'patch' and with the number in circulation the price has looked hugely inflated for a while now. I read a while back that fair value could be somewhere in the region of .00002, but I think that was based against other tokens which have since fallen.

The value is in the community but when there are only half a dozen people or so who regularly chat to each other via comments, this is a problem.

The bigger issue is that as a community, it's up to the members to organically 'police' things to create a member led consensus which we seem to do well to keep posts within guidelines that we seem to have settled on as being acceptable or not.

As for your main point, I kind of disagree. People have a right to do as they wish with what they've earned fairly and squarely and although we can disagree with those that shift everything straight out of Sportstalk, into Steem engine and then through an exchange to create fiat, it's still their right to do that even though it may not be the best thing for the 'price' of Steem.

I'd also suggest the whole economic model around which we operate was flawed from its inception but that's just how it is.

Another point is that those removing everything have encouraged other users to join and buy their way in with big stakes purchased rather than earned so in a way, the same people you are addressing here, have actually been shoring the price artificially high.

In reality, the number of tokens issues on here is huge like one of the gaming sites so I'd personally expect a settled price in the future of around 0.0005 or 6

Perhaps the early adopters who took a lite profit early on were the wise ones!

There are many sides to this coin and your views are fundamentally correct but I think our biggest problem that needs immediate addressing (as it does on Steem in general which I think is screwed after the last HF) is to try and create engagement and chat...when things become personal then understanding and cooperation becomes easier.

PS I noticed a typo in my competition entry..I meant to type South Africa by 20 not England by 20 ;-)

Lol. I noticed the typo as well. I agree as everyones stake is for them to do as they please but then they have to realise that it will drop and have less value. When a token is as young as Sports it is bound to happen but all I am saying users also need to use some common sense at the same time. If everyone does what loads are doing then there is nothing. If users dump the coin like they are then they mustn't wonder why whatever they are taking out gets less and less every day. This is not sustainable as it is right now.

I understand the logic to not support those kinds of users but I also don't mind to see people selling. I try to view my vote criteria based most on the content created since everyone is serving a role for the site. The ones that are selling are doing us who value our stake a couple of huge favors.

The first is obvious in that it makes it cheap for users who do want to gain stake to be able to move up the rich list with little investment. Each seller is actually helping those that want to become a whale a cheaper way into the system.

The second actually helps the entire community vs just the buyers. If people are selling and are able to push the price down to 0.000001 then that means just 1 Steem in ad revenue or other means will burn 100,000 tokens out of existence from their weaker hands. This means that those tokens are taken off the market permanently without affecting stake of other users. It actually helps those who are invested since those tokens don't go into someone else's account lowering your percentage of the community stake.

Thanks Patrick as the burning side of things actually makes more sense and hadn't realised. I am much happier to see the price drop now as it has serious benefits to us all.

The issue is of course the selfish people aren't using common sense. They are looking for immediate gratification and I wouldn't expect any more of them.

I do, however, wish that more people would engage with each other. It really does only seem like a handful of people here do that. Hopefully others will see this and it will help bring more people who are interested in sports to this community.

This is nearly the same thing that is happening to Steem and how the price got to where it is today. Steem has more utility uses so it held on a lot longer but suffers from the same problem.

Personally I've been selling off 20% of my SPORTS (started at 10%) but keeping it as liquid STEEM rather than sending it to an exchange. I think it's fair to say that SPORTS was drastically overvalued to begin with and earning it fairly simple so it made sense to take the risk out of my initial investment but also to have liquidity in order to buy back in at a lower price.

looking back that was probably the smart way to do it unlike myself who just kept on staking. I am going to do a 50/50 split moving forward now as i think that is my best option.

I hold 8.6k Sp in steem and currently I hold 62000 sports token as well. And I don't believe in milking. I've been powering up my sports token because I basically envisage sports talk to really go far. People aren't Long-termed and believe when we spot people who seems to want to milk the system the best things would be to not support them at all

I know your account well lol. We were together in the engagement league and one of the users I used to try and keep up with. I regard your account as a marker to how I am doing. What you are doing is smart and the way to grow on both. You are someone that needs to be supported more and will look at auto votes.

I try my best always. Hahaha that's Ironical because I looked to your account as a prerequisite to measure my growth on the engagement league, even when you hit dolphin lol I think it was a huge stepping stone. As for the auto supports hah thanks a whole lot.

You're right about all this, that's why I'm building dcooperation. We will support sportstalk soon as well. We are panning to collaborate with tribes from now. @tipu curate

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Says someone who has just used tipu to upvote his own comment! Lol

I didn't upvote my comment with tipu, we have in the project curators and when we comment with ''tipu curate'' the post is upvoted, so the post of @cryptoandcoffee is upvoted, not my comment. Look carefully next time !

My apology

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If only this place had a Freeroll Poker Site that was legal in every jurisdiction in the world.


Well. I am staking since I began, but things were not good for me.
It seems that those who win at the moment are those who sell. I am very bad speculating and I continue satking, but the truth is that those who have sold before now could buy with much less more steem and token.
In the end you can earn much more with speculation than with publication.

Perhaps if the support of the whales were oriented more towards those who have shown signs of betting on the future of the platform making stake with what they win. In that case this could improve. But it doesn't seem to be the case.

I am lucky enough to have a full time job so pretty much everything I make on any platform always goes back into staking it. Why would I not want to continue to grow my account so that one day when things are better or I do need the money I can't have a passively sustainable income. It is just crazy to me.

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