2,000 STEEM prize for the best comments on DTube! (July 13 - 28)

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2,000 STEEM prize for the best comments on DTube! (July 13 - 28)

Hello Steem/DTube community, today we have great news for you!

We know you love a good old CHALLENGE and that's why we're lauching a 2,000 STEEM prize challenge!

As we are gearing up to 5,000 Steemians who already claimed their DTube Chain account, we want to emphasize on some very innovative functionality: comments!

Up to 100 winners: everyone can win!

Did you know a comment can bring DTC when upvoted or downvoted?

We the DTube team, think it's a great way for people to interact over videos, creating very valuable engagement between DTubers.

From July 13 to July 28th, the DTube curation team will retrieve the list of the top 500 comments in terms of DTC earned and review each of them to avoid exploits and abuses.

The top 100 best comments win a prize!

Be creative, be bold, be funny: be yourself :)

Prize for the winners

As you will see, everyone can win, even if you just claimed your DTube account today:

  • 1st winner: 300 STEEM!
  • 2nd winner: 150 STEEM
  • 3rd winner: 100 STEEM
  • 4th winner: 75 STEEM
  • from 5 to 10: 50 STEEM each
  • from 11 to 50: 20 STEEM each
  • from 51 to 100: 10 STEEM each


First a quick reminder: don't forget to claim your account on the DTube Chain, the claiming period is limited in time.
You can find everything about how to claim your DTube account: here

  • You need a Steem and a DTube account
  • Applies to comments posted on DTube only
  • Tag your comment with #DTubeChallenge
  • Challenge runs from July 13th to July 28th
  • Multi account or cheating, will lead to exclusion of your comments by the curation team

Also, resteem this post as much as possible to make it a massive success!

Good luck to you all
The DTube team
@heimindanger / @macron / @steeminator / @nannal / @hetmasteen

Spread the word and contribute!

DTube is conquering the world, one channel at at time.
Did you suscribe to our Telegram channel yet?

Also on:

Visit D.Tube (and claim your account if you haven't)


Thats amazing! wow I cant believe it.

Hi @dtube!

One Question: Do I have to have an account con D.tube to participate? Or can I use my steemit account?

Just posting a comment on any Dtube video? No matter date? Nor video? Right?

Thanks for your time

yes just signed up and got me a DTUBE Account!! Plus I love this contest! Here come the commets that and all comments! The bubbles of comments, the masterful comments, the strange comments! Thanks for the game and hey everybody spread the good word about the DTUBE! Spreading the word will only make your heart grow larger and make you the most epic commentor on planet STEEM!

Dont be a drag, use the hastag

p.s. game on!

#DTubeChallenge the platform is fantastic, many people with an impressive talent are using it, I’m pretty sure that Dtube going to reemplace YouTube...

Dtube is tremendously amazing and also is working with blockchain and the best technology..

This is not about the contest and the prize, this is only about the good work that Dtube is doing right now for this ecosystem..

Great work, amazing project, incredible results and also as you said conquering the complete world this is called Future..


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Hit the upvote button & share it to all your friends..


Put this on my share2steem at twitter. Excellent idea. Thank you! Already claimed my name, so I am in!

La interacción entre usuarios la verdad es bastante baja, por eso me parece genial esta iniciativa, muchos usuarios se verán incentivados y darán lo mejor de cada uno de ellos en sus comentarios.Hora de poner a funcionar esas neuronas, Éxito para todos.


Really love the look and functionality of the site vs. launch ... has come so far. Super glad to see y'all at the forefront of it.

I believe that youtube replace the dtub
within a few years
Don't be a drag, use the hashtag

yes just signed up and got me a DTUBE Account!!
Thanks for the game and hey everybody spread the good word about the DTUBE!
Dont be a drag, use the hastag

This is an awesome competition. For a while now I had been disappointed at the low success rate in even uploading a video to DTube from Australia, (not sure what the issue was) but now I am really impressed with the improvements to the platform and I want to start uploading videos every single day now.
I have reclaimed my new account / with PAL attached as well and wish whoever is lucky enough to win all the best.

See you on the tubes...


#DTubechallenge the best comment I'll do is congratulations in advance to the person who win this challenge I'm happy for him or her claim the reward

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I think this is the motivation I needed to start using Dtube

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@dtube team, That's bigger moment for improve dtubers journey because comments always improve vloggers creativity. So I try to do my best. Thanks for make this opportunity.

Commenting ain't easy guys. Good morning everyone.

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Great initiative! Really love the look and functionality of the site vs. launch ... has come so far. Tokenization is also becoming a gamechanger across steem. Super glad to see y'all at the forefront of it. Gonna put up my new video and go on a comment binge, as one does.

Wow! What a great announcement.
Yes we are ready. The true Dtubes are always ready. Let's play!

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WOW i am surprised that you are going giveaway that much stems for comments. For the love of dtube i gonna drink some Bourbon today!


Create Contents & Curation

'e'ncouraging 💙 DTube 💙 LOVE ♩♬


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I will surely participate.

@dtube, This is Engagement Boosting step and definitely will going to bring lot of traffic and interactions on DTUBE Platform. Keep up the good work team and looking forward to this contest. Stay blessed team.

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Ahaa, so, now I understood, it could be any comment on any D.Tube post but with tag

Ok. Great. 👍

Better watch out D.tube peeps... Splatts is comin’ with some wild comments. Muahahaha

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Great idea my friends, greetings from VDC ( Venezuelans Dtubers Community ). A hug for team Dtube, congratulations.

I am on it

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Awesome good luck to all! Love to see big players running contests for the people here, shows that you care about both communities.

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For the first time,Dtube make Contest with unbelievable Pool Prize and very simple rules i never seen.

Now, you saw it.. 😉 👍

Nice Challenge ;)

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Definitely enthusiastic task for active users.
One thing more want to ask you-
What types making dtube comment be eligible?
Only Rewarded (upvoted) post by you or
Every dtube vlog?

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500(Most Dtc Earned) comments will get reviewed and 100 comments will be choosen.

Now understood.

Hola, soy nueva.. Me dicen por favor, porque solo me aparecen videos en inglés en DTube?.

Saludos!!. Cual sería el tema de los comentarios y por favor me orientan en donde se harían los comentarios evaluados, ya que no veo acá ninguno.
Disculpen, estoy conociendo la página. 👌

Awesome.....👌 The best way to make Steem a happening place. Right onto the mega challenge and hope to get on the winning list.

One question can we make comments from any Steem Dapp or we need to make it only through Dtube account?......Resteemed👍


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Only comments made on dtube platform with a dtube acccount will count ! game on!

Thanks @macron make sense...indeed...game on....Steem On!!

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Oh wow! I would love to join! Would love to see the peepz I was hanging out on @dtube before.

Good job, DTube team!

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Yes, D.Tube team is amazing... 👏

That's a nice challenge and congrats to Dtube for the 5k Accounts being claimed by steemians !!

ita a nice way to make more and more activiti in dtube ..

By the way, what is the challenge for this challenge. he he...

No Challenge , pure fun yay !

C'est atomique et magnifique!

Do my comment count if its made on battletube.io ?

yes sure! but you need to be logged (or claim first) to you DTube chain account

Thank you Dtube team!

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That's a great challenge, I will try my best.

For some time now have been thinking about claiming my dtube account, time to go get mine

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I guess it's time to activate :D May the Best Fingers Win :P
tenor 1.gif


I did not follow where people should comment? underneath this post in Steemit?

Nope, it works with comments on DTube platform only!

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Where do we make the comments

got to https://d.tube, create an account and comment under videos!

Thanks. but I still don't understand DTC. Resources explaining the principles of DTC operation. Send me!

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Hi leb, if you want a quick overview have a look at our post introducing v0.9 updates: https://steemit.com/dtube/@dtube/dtube-0-9-doubling-up-your-rewards

To dig in the full stuff, have a look at our white paper: https://token.d.tube/whitepaper.pdf

Thank you so much.

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i can't log in on d.tube even after claiming account on d.tube and receive 100 dtc but since then i can't login they told me that your private key is wrong but i put there correct key...

#DTubeChallenge amazing for me to start learn make a good video for rewards, 🙏 resteem

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Congratulations @dtube!
Your post was mentioned in the Steem Hit Parade in the following categories:

  • Comments - Ranked 3 with 53 comments
  • Pending payout - Ranked 2 with $ 135,35

Very good👍 I really support dtube👍🤝🙏

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The top 100 best comments win a prize!

Wow, that is how you build something from nothing. Great works guys

Dtube is a platform which allow users to share educative content on crypto currency and entertaining content, u can easily spend the whole day and the all of your internet bundle on it.

When you sign in with your steem account, you can easily get videos which are tailored for you specially and you can check your history to rewatch videos u have already watched.

What I like about DTube is easy to use interface, it’s comprehensive and very interactive.

Their notifications too are very accurate and on time.


I think challenges and contests like this are an awesome to build community and encourage vital interaction! You guys are rocking this!! Well done!!!

Wow! están muy buenos esos premios, creo que es primera vez que hago un challenge de Dtube.

That's Amazing!

Just resteemed it for you guys :)

Thank you for supporting Steem community! Resteemed this article.

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this is awesome activity...

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#Dtubechallenge is On! Awesome idea!!
bg (471px, 10fps).gif

Time to get my engagement hat on once again! #DTubeChallenge

Thank you Dtube ,I like

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A good post, well off to Dtube.

Lookin' for eSTEEMated win!

That's a great prize pool! I will engage with the dtubers for sure.. only 7 hours ago I used D.tube for the first time, but it seems like I did something wrong.. the video doesn't appear in the list with new videos... username is the same there, can someone check that?

Very nice initiative guys!! ;-)
Love it

Nice platform & this platform in video uploading problem please upgrade Dtube app & help the community

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I recommend this video: Amazing India

I was surprised with the video captured by the user devkant79, this place of incredible seems taken from an epiphany, the waters emanating from the mountain peak sheltered by the clouds, then converge on that small circular lake.
Blessed are the inhabitants of the small village that can be seen in the background, which are evidently surrounded by green meadows in perfect contrast with nature. You can see the level of culture that can have these beings who are responsible for preserving the environment while obtaining peace and tranquility as a way out of a dream; that is to live fully, that is to love nature and give it to new generations ...
Congratulations to the creator of this great publication that extols the natural landscapes of INDIA, a travel destination worth knowing, for those who like quality tourism.
PD: (Original comment posted on Dtube)