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RE: Steem to the peak; I'm still about taking steem to the peak, in view of that I'll be giving away marlians and sports stake for promo-steem works via sports ulog.

in #steemlast year

I am a returning user as well. I was absent from the platform due to busy life offline. But when I stopped few months before, that time the platform and steem price were going to the negative or down direction. Now still see the price of steem is very low, yet. You can motivate a bunch of people to come back but when the rewards of hard work will be very minimal, do you think they will continue here?


Firstly, i thank you for returning. But beyond the rewards, steem has great potentials. Let's first be motivated by our passion. For example, facebook,twittet,instagram and other social media are not rewading users , yet people enjoy those platforms. Although the price of steem is low but steem is a system in the world its self. Quiting is not the best option, its about passion in what we do.

But i'd like you to reach me on discord @adesojisouljay#8666. With we can help you build ypur noble dream. Tell us about your dream and we can assist where we can.

Thanks for motivational talk :) I will try to reach out to you. And I have no idea about marlian