Fantasy Sport Innovation - It's Our Thing!

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Ultimate Franchise Fantasy Sports is about to launch an absolute avalanche of fantasy sports innovation. The list is long and forever growing and we will quickly discuss a few of them today.


Side note, its minus 40 degrees C, here in Saskatoon, Canada . Why do I live where the air hurts my face?🤔

Back on track, here is a teaser list of the new concepts UFF Sports is looking to implement this month and in the years to come:

  1. Ownership - Ex. You own one of only 31 fantasy hockey franchises worldwide. Yeah I know right? You better bring your A game. Oh, and your team becomes a family asset that you can pass down to your children, unless you choose to sell it, of course.

  2. Players and Franchises as digital assets on the blockchain. This one we actually have a patent-pending on. The patent has been submitted for "Registering Fantasy Sports Assets on a Blockchain". That's cool!

  3. Scouts - What? Say that again, and louder so everyone can hear, SCOUTS! You betcha! The largest part of our platform to date is the scouting section. This is a new, extremely fun, and challenging aspect of our ecosystem where people register to become an athlete scout. This registration enables you to register professional prospects on the Ethereum blockchain. Once registered, these players are your digital asset that you and only you own. It will take a minute to sink in but you'll get it!!

  4. Elite play - Does your league single out 31 of the best fantasy sports players in your sport? Then crown a world champion????🤔🤔😟😟😕😫😭 didn't think so.

  5. Team Brands - The teams in the UFF Sports league will be required to develop a name, logo, colours and a recognizable identity. With this, they will create merchandise that they can sell in the UFF Sports online store and use this brand to create all kinds of revenue streams.

  6. Blockchain and crypto - I'm not even going to ask you this one because I know your current platform doesn't have it. Plus, you might not even know what I'm talking about. No worries! It's what makes us great, and you will thank us later for bringing it to the fantasy table.

I can go on and on, as these are only a few of the innovations that we are working on in our secret lair. Keep an eye on us at as there will be nothing but cool stuff coming your way.

You have less than 2 days left to get in on the first and only NHL franchise draft. Once these are sold, the only way to get a franchise in this league is to purchase it from a current owner.

So get your a$$ over to to register for the UFHL hockey league auction, while you still can. If you catch this last minute use this qr code to take you directly to the auction. Everything commences Jan 17th, 2020 at 7pm CST.


Can't wait to meet you and have you as a member of the world's first fantasy sports ecosystem.

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