My 10 steem Investment for the Week Beginning - 13/01/2019: SPORTS, MARLIANS, LEO, KANDA, CHLP, TLOSP

in hive-167922 •  6 months ago 

As much as I know, the more investment we make on steem or steem-tokens, the more the price of the coin would pump. I decided to start this week with a 10 steem deposit on steem-engine to enable me purchase some tokens.

I was supposed to do this as at yesterday which Monday, but couldn't because of network issues. I'm still looking forward to a decentralized network provider and I hope it would be much better than we have here.

With 10 steem deposited, I am looking at purchasing the following tokens:

  • LEO
  • CHLP
  • ZZAN

I will make efforts to ensure that I will be making sorts of this investment on a weekly basis to ensure that I contribute my quota to the growth of our steem tokens.

Purchasing the above tokens will help me HODL or stake them for curation purposes. I greatly believe in the future of Steem and steem projects and I think they're worth the risk of investing fiat.

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