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RE: Tire talk - Big or small wheels for comfort

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uhm I believe my car is way smaller, Renault clip, and plastic too and better not ask on which roads I drive it daily. A jeep would be better but consumes way too much.
I liked reading this but won't change my tires. Smaller ones are cheaper (I need summer and winter tires) plus it drives cheaper too.
I am surprised this car came with 13" sites. 🤔

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I'm back to 13 inches already. The little red car you saw in the post, I use on the race track, it has a Clio 1.2litre engine in it 😂 don't get me wrong, I love the car very much and even went and bought another one after I sold the red car.

@davidke20 I read that. That will be fun racing with a 1.2ltr I have a red clio but prefer a Mazda. ❤️