Speedrunning to Support our Veterans (Call to Arms charity)

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Last month I wrote a post about how speedrunning can be a fantastic avenue for raising money for charity. Well this concept is in action AS I WRITE THIS POST (AND MAYBE EVEN AS YOU READ THIS POST)!!!

Me matey @swolesome is currently doing a 24 hour Twitch stream to support the Call to Arms charity, and you should absolutely be taking a look (and hopefully supporting if you can spare some change).

The Call to Arms charity is "a year-long donation drive that directly supports our mission of using the awesome power of gaming to support US and allied veterans and active duty service members around the world!" You can learn more on their site here: https://stackup.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.event&eventID=504

And @swolesome has made a pledge that if his viewers can raise $250 he'll crossdress on a future stream. (He waxed his legs once as a donation incentive as well, so you know he's good for it. Swolesome don't play.)

See his stream here:

Swole's charity page/tracker: https://stackup.donordrive.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=donordrive.participant&participantID=2262

Thanks for taking a look!

Edit: All payouts from this post will go to the Call to Arms charity.


As a disabled USMC veteran. This makes so proud.


Wish my voting power were higher to upvote this more. Thank you for all you've done. God bless you @simplegame :)

Thank you @abh12345.sports , :) simplegame/ glad to just pass on info

My Prime minister of Drama Trudeau told a wounded Canadian vet who lost his legs from an IED in Afghanistan that he could not fund his extra medical needs beyond the basics. Yet a few weeks later spends over $100k on fancy refreshments on a govt business junket flight down south. And we stupid Canadians voted that asshole back in. I couldn't watch his Rememberance day speech because of his blatant hypocrisy and crocodile tears.

PM True-DON'T = Soy Boy


@reverendrum, People should come forward to support this kind of empowering work. Keep doing the good work and stay blessed.

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Thank you and likewise, matey!

Welcome and thank you so much.

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100% supported with love😍

Update: Author payouts being sent to @swolesome shortly. Forgot to factor in the part about the various tribes and steem-engine tokens that would also need to be sold and taken out of Steem-Engine as part of the payout.

Update 2: As promised, payouts have been sent to @swolesome for his Call to Arms charity initiative!