A New Scot Tribe On Steem! SteemAce.io For Gaming Content | Over 100k SP, 7.5k PAL And 120 Splinterlands Beta Booster To Reward Great Content and GG Stakers

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  • SteemAce is a community for gaming content of any type
  • The "Good Game Token"(GG), our underlying token, was issued and is used on:
  • Steemace.io --> Main Page (Condenser Instance)
  • Tube.Steemace.io --> Video Tube Page (ScotTube Instance) (will work soon)
  • 1 million GG Tokens were awarded with an airdrop to Palcoin stakers and active authors in different selected gaming tags
  • 1.3 million GG Tokens will be awarded in following airdrops
  • Initial Inflation = 14% in the first year; This figure drops by 2% each year and ultimately stays on an annual 4%
  • There are in total 20,000 GGM virtual miners available on the Steem Engine DEX
  • Use the "steemace" Tag in posts to earn both GG and STEEM rewards!
  • We will be using our main account to upvote great gaming content under the "steemace" tag with more than 100,000 SP
  • Regular raffles and contests sponsored by the SteemAce team

GG on SteemEngine
GGM on SteemEngine

We are proud to finally and officially announce the launch of SteemAce.com - a community aiming to connect gamers from all around the world in one huge social platform.

SteemAce was created for the evergrowing number of old and young Gamers that want to share their content or promote other peoples' interesting content.

What kind of content should be posted on SteemAce

SteemAce is open for any gaming content. Be it your new flash game, a comment on the last pro gaming match, or maybe even your own Let‘s Play videos. All of these might be interesting to readers and earn you GG rewards.

In order for SteemAce to grow into a well renowned gaming community it is very important that all posts contain actual gaming content. We set this as the highest priority.

There is nothing wrong with promoting or even advertising something you like – but make sure it is about gaming!
Our moderator team works towards promoting related content, while also flagging content that is completely unrelated to Gaming.

Integrations from Steem Engine

Steem Engine offers us a broad range of different tools for SteemAce.

We will launch with:

  1. Nitrous a.k.a. Steemace.io - A fork of the Steemit condenser
  2. ScotTube a.k.a. Tube.Steemace.io - A fork of DTube that features SteemAce video content
  3. ScotPeak a.k.a AcePeak - You‘ll find GG Token in the list of tribes – so you can view your account feed and payouts both in GG and STEEM!
  4. Digital Miners – GG can only be mined with the virtual „Good Game Miner“, of which there is only a limited supply of 20,000 available.

Currently, there are no specific plans to implement ScotBB for a forum, though we are not opposed to integrating it in the future when needed.

GG Virtual Token Miner Details

The GGM (Good Game Miner) is now available on the Steem Engine DEX. It has a maximum supply of 20,000, of which the first 3,000 will all be sold at a discount.

  • There are 17 winning miners each hour
  • GGM has to be staked for mining
  • GGM is available for 10 STEEM per GGM
  • The first 3,000 GGM are on discount for 8.5 STEEM!

The STEEM generated from these sales will mostly be used to power-up our main account and in small parts for advertisements outside of STEEM.

Initial and Ongoing Distribution of the GG Token:

Initial: 7M

  • Team: 710k
  • Delegation Account: 190k
  • Mute Account: 300k
  • Sell Wall: 1.5M
  • First Airdrop: ~ 1M
  • Future Airdrops: ~ 1.3M
  • Bounties: 2M


  • Initial Inflation: ~ 1M GG – 14%
  • ~ 150.000 GG to PoM (Proof of Mining) Pool (15%)
  • ~ 850.000 GG to PoB (Proof of Brain) Pool (85%)
  • Unlike with PAL and LEO, the inflation rate drops by 2% each year until it is at 4%, then it will remain at annual 4%.

Initial Airdrop

We‘re airdropping 1M GG Tokens to:

Active authors in Gaming Tags within the last 30 days

  • Formula: (Squareroot of SP) * 7
  • Cap per User: 2000

Palnet Token Staker

  • Formula: (Tokens / 2)
  • Cap per User: 3000

Both combined

  • Cap per User: 3000

We have kept another 1.3M GG for future airdrops that will target active and loyal SteemAce users.

Our Team

The SteemAce team consists of 3 admins and 5 moderators.


The admins are the founders behind the SteemAce community and its Good Game Token and take over administrative duties such as organizing regular contests and raffles, but also act as full moderators and make sure that SteemAce is advertised. They‘re receiving 35.000 GG Tokens + another 5.000 GG Tokens every month for one year.


Our five moderators take over the job of upvoting and rewarding quality content and flagging content unrelated to Gaming. Their incentive is 25.000 GG Tokens + a monthly reward of 5.000 GG Tokens over one year.

Especially in the early stages after SteemAce‘s launch, our whole team will dedicate itself to rewarding anyone contributing to the community in a positive way. Therefore neither the moderators, nor the admins are allowed to take any GG Tokens from their account for at least one year. Instead, these Tokens will be used to Power-Up their accounts and continously review and reward content on SteemAce.

The team's job is to guarantee a positive distribution of our tokens.

Important Accounts

@good.game = An account to reward great gaming content on our platform with SP and PALpower
@bad.game = Mute account with 300.000 GG staked; this account will flag inappropriate and completely unrelated content on SteemAce
@steem-ace.deleg = An account with 190.000 GG staked; it will delegate its power to curators that have done a great job in the past to ensure an even better distribution of rewards to authors
@steem-ace = SteemAce account with 2M GG for Bounties and currently additional Tokens for following Airdrops.

Upvoting with our SP and PALpower

For at least 4 weeks we have rented over 100.000 SP and 7.500 PALpower on @good.game. We will be using it to upvote great content on our platform so it also receives better visibility on other frontends. The value of the upvote depends on the amount of GG tokens staked by the author. The more you have staked the better the upvote you receive becomes.

We will be using a big part of our earnings to power up even more SP on @good.game, so great content gets rewarded even more.

Giving away 120 Splinterlands Beta Boosters

Every day for the next 30 days we will give away 4 Splinterlands Beta Boosters to 4 different GG Token Stakers. Stake more GG and increase your chance of winning!

(Members of our team are excluded from the giveaway.)

After the 30 days we will do more giveaways. We have a lot of different ideas.

You see it is worth to stake GG and being active!

The future of SteemAce

Making sure that the word spreads and that SteemAce is adopted not only by the community of Steem, but also by a much broader audience - the Crypto world and even the general public - we aim to market SteemAce to outsiders of the Steem blockchain in the future when we believe it's time for a bigger adoption. That also helps the whole Steem economy.

Our GG Tokens for Bounties are also part of it.


We will be using 2M tokens for bounties over the course of the next years. These include multiple things:

  • Promoting Steem and SteemAce to gamers outside of Steem. We want to give new users an incentive to join SteemAce and Steem.

  • Rewarding the tokens in contests and tournaments (e.g. Splinterlands)

Sell Wall

We have created a sell wall of 1.5M Tokens for a price of 1 Steem each. It gives the possibility to distribute our Tokens even more in the future and we can use the revenue to grow and reward our community further more.

Scotbot Settings

  1. Voting is slightly superlinear
  2. You get 1 free downvote per day
  3. 60/40 Creator/Curator split
  4. 7-day payout windows; Unstaking occurs in 28 days within 4 installments
  5. Inflation: First year at 14%; Drops by 2% every 10512000 blocks (=1 year) until it reaches 4%

author_curve_exponent: 1.1
author_reward_percentage: 60.0
cashout_window_days: 7.0
curation_curve_exponent: 0.5
downvote_power_consumption: 200
downvote_regeneration_seconds: 432000
issue_token: true
json_metadata_key: „tags“
json_metadata_value: „steemace“
reduction_every_n_block: 10512000
reduction_percentage: 1
rewards_token: 15.5
rewards_token_every_n_block: 100
token: „Good Game Token“
token_account: „steem-ace“
vote_power_consumption: 200
vote_regeneration_seconds: 432000

We would love to welcome everyone interested in Gaming to join the SteemAce community.
Let‘s bring Social Media to the next generation together and start with using the #steemace tag!

You are welcome to join our Discord Server:
(The team will be available for questions from 10AM CEST)

(Rewards of this post go 100% to @good.game except for GG tokens)


Congratulations on launching your community, and thanks for the airdrop!

Although it is a bit disconcerting that so many new communities are choosing to use staked PAL as a metric for an airdrop. Belief in PAL doesn't necessarily equate to you potentially being a good user to stake into a completely different new community.

You may have issues with PAL that cause you to decide to sell the PAL. Or you could have sold it before you even really understood what it was. You could have also just never staked it, because you haven't really checked out PAL yet. Or you could just dislike the fact that it's a general community and to post in it you have to sacrifice a keyword for something that's not really related to the subject of the article.

In the same vein, you could have just decided to buy a bunch of PAL just so you can profit from that new community, possibly even in one of the minor price drops.

Or you could just not be a true believer in PAL. Maybe you have your PAL on the market to sell at a spike.

Point is that there are a ton of reasons. Glad you at least have some extra plans for an airdrop that take more into account than PAL though.

Decided to stake my GG and put in an order for a bit more. Might add some extra buy orders in lower.

If you were to design a community and have an airdrop, how would YOU do it?

Spider based on tags for maybe the last 6 months, taking powered up Steem and other coins in as a factor maybe? Maybe consider comments and the likelihood of them getting a reply and upvote from the author and random users. It depends on the platform. If it was a trading platform, I might have to actually consider various times in their wallet history when they transferred money to an exchange, then later transferred money back. I guess the best metric would probably be interaction with the community based on tags. So, if it was trading, I would check trading related tags, who commented how much, how likely they were to get a reply, how likely they were to get an upvote on that reply from the OP and for how much, and how likely they were to get a random upvote, weighting it against repeated upvotes to attempt to avoid bots.

It's not even smart to power up PAL on your main account as the difference between PAL Vote Power and Steem Vote Power will be completely different.

Many are building alt accounts for each tribe which is becoming silly imo but you loss more than 50% of your voting power if you don't do it in most cases. Even more on tribes like SteemAce that is even more niche.

Yeah...I was kinda worried about it when PAL first started, because it creates an incentive to curate PAL more than non-PAL posts. I didn't really consider making a secondary account to vote on PAL with though.

You either lose that PAL upvote, or you only vote PAL posts, or you create a secondary account to only upvote PAL posts.

Once more of these communities popped up though, I started to think that it just means that you will not be able to use all your capability to use PAL, and most people won't. That means that the rewards for those communities will be a bit more, because the pool is smaller. That also means the abuse could possibly be worse.

I'm not sure what this is all gonna mean yet. I think possibly these communities might be a great way for some to earn in some niches...but they are also their own little fiefdoms with the associated troubles.

With more communities, it is more of a mess to manage. If you just curate Pal you potentially alienate many users. Pal is also the best case scenario, when you start looking at other tribes that are niche, it becomes even more of a problem.

Imagine only curating SteemAce? You would be limited to only gaming posts, or you would waste your SteemAce voting power if you went outside of that niche as your Steem voting power would become out of sync.

Even more of a problem when you have a lot of stake, and don't want to vote everything for $3 on Steem, yet anything less than your 100% on SteemAce/Pal/SteemLeo and other tribes is pathetically low.

I've seen a lot of people start making alt accounts to handle their voting power on different tribes, but this means 2-10 additional accounts just to manage your voting power on these tribes. A good example, my PAL power was always 97-100%, yet my Steem voting power is usually 88%-100%. They usually differ by 10% and my PAL is frequently 100% for hours wasting a vast majority.

There is just so much cognitive load to handle these tribes, and that's not just min/maxing either, when you lose half your voting power it isn't about min-maxing.

Even more of a problem when you have a lot of stake, and don't want to vote everything for $3 on Steem, yet anything less than your 100% on SteemAce/Pal/SteemLeo and other tribes is pathetically low.

Clearly you just need to buy a fuckton more of every coin in existence. :P

It actually really sucks when someone with a massive stake upvotes you with like 1% or something, and it's like a penny. Like how shitty was my comment? Even worse when they don't even reply. If you're gonna give a shitty vote that suggests that a comment is shit, then at least say something.

I've seen a lot of people start making alt accounts to handle their voting power on different tribes, but this means 2-10 additional accounts just to manage your voting power on these tribes.

I guess the only solution is botted secondary accounts. But then how do you decide how much to vote? Maybe some kinda interface that shows what posts you upvoted that have certain tags, like with palnet or whatever, and let you set how much you upvote with your secondary?

It actually really sucks when someone with a massive stake upvotes you with like 1% or something, and it's like a penny. Like how shitty was my comment? Even worse when they don't even reply. If you're gonna give a shitty vote that suggests that a comment is shit, then at least say something.

I wouldn't take it personally, many people don't vote comments high.

I guess the only solution is botted secondary accounts. But then how do you decide how much to vote? Maybe some kinda interface that shows what posts you upvoted that have certain tags, like with palnet or whatever, and let you set how much you upvote with your secondary?

It's a huge pain and stupid problem to have to deal with.

Yeah, I've moved to upvoting comments at like 30%, just so I have more VP for posts. But I pick and choose how much to upvote based on how I feel they contributed, whether or not I agree with them. Still trying to build up my SP so those upvotes suck a little less though in their actual payout though.

HF20 really made voting for comments suck.

In the past, if I voted you when I repies (which is usually well within 15 minutes, for example this is 6 minutes) I would give more to you, which is fine. Now it gets returned to the pool, so my influence is taxed based on how responsive I am.

You have been rewarded with some SHIT! Take a trip to the bathroom to stake and manage your worthless tokens.

It's time to pick up my steemmonsters again!!
A very great incentives of booster packs for those who're gaming /geek, especially in stemmmonsters :D

This whitepaper has more details than others and even highlights the futures plan which I never seen before.

Amazing initiative, you guys should look into the possibility of embedding @vimm gaming streams in posts published on steemace, @chiren get in touch with these guys :p

That would definitely be something we are interested in, a streaming site for our community with gaming streams only.

Hey @thebluewin, I embedded the stream in the post that is generated from @vimm it shows as an unsupported embedded (as it does on steemit). Steemit.com automatically does this with embedded players (with the exception of youtube, dtube, twitch etc) so if steemace started from the opensource version of steemit.com you should probably look somewhere in the config files to whitelist embedded vimm streams. Example of how it looks like now: https://www.steemace.io/vimmtv/@foreveraverage/046e64136b29bd62d8bd0cb4fb221ff1-vimmtv

I am looking for that option. I found the file and am working on finding out how to include it. Vimm will be available on our frontend posts in the next few days (hopefully today).

@foreveraverage Unfortunately it is a bit more complicated than thought. There are many files involved so it will take some time to integrate it.

Thank you for the airdrop!
I instantly bought more GG 😅

Really cool. Will definitely be using this tag with all my gaming content.

Thinking in participate in this project with some mobile gaming vids and reviews.

Let's make a success of it.

Greetings from Mexico.

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This is really cool.
I have no words, except that I am going to probably stake my share of the airdrop, thanks for that btw.

So SteemAce is going to compete against Battlegames.

Let the best win !!!

Good to know who is behind this project . I also bought a couple of more token :) Most of my ace i delegated to @helpie-caster ;-)

Good tribe to be!!giphy (12).gif

Was just a matter of time before a gaming tribe popped up! Looking forward to see how this goes. I still will be posting a gaming video on the occasion so I'll give this tribe a try.

Thank you much for the airdrop, I expect to pick up a good amount of miners over the weekend! HYPEEEEE

Thanks for the airdrop~ Sounds like a good platform to me. staked all GG.

Does GGM need to be staked? in order to mine GG? or, can it do the job without staking?

GGM has to be staked for mining.

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Thank you for the airdrop! I'm excited about a platform to discuss gaming!

I would love to see integration with Twitch or something! Like a portal through which I can clone my Twitch account info and/or live-stream. I know dtube has something kind of like that, but it's, you know, a work in progress.

awesome stuff :D

@steem-ace, It's a pleasant surprise team. Specially Gaming Ecosystem brings more engagement and value. Good wishes from my side and have an wonderful and successful journey ahead. Stay blessed team.

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Vote for @Steemitboard as a witness to get one more award and increased upvotes!

The Discord link you dropped is not working, please check on it.

It's still working for me. Could you retry and let me know if it still hasn't worked for you?

My account is @skymin. steemace has been moved to gg account after purchase


In this case, can not you participate in the event?

PAL is the foundation of everything. Thanks for the credit. Perhaps in the future I will use this brand :-)

PAL is the foundation of everything. Thanks for the credit. Perhaps in the future I will use this brand :-)

Thanks for the airdrop~ Sounds like a good platform to me. staked all GG. and buy 1000GG

Just noticed these in my wallet and investigated - love it! Have staked my tokens and am looking forward to contributing to the new #steemace tag/community when I can. :)

Thats a lot of effort putting to make this happens. Appreciate the hard work! GGWP guys!

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Awesome initiative, keep it up : )

Thanks for the token airdrop. Awesome stuff.

Sounds Perfekt... ich liebe diese Idee, schade das wir so spät erst davon erfahren haben :((

This is awesome. Already staked some of my tokens and will be definitely looking forward to use the tag for my gaming posts! GG!

it's awesome, congratulations, im in gamin also ! ill use this tag for sure :)

Gracias por los tokens GG !

Fue una sorpresa para mí recibir sin esperar esto. Les deseo lo mejor con este nuevo emprendimiento y espero que no se pierda entre el cúmulo de comunidades nuevas que afloran en #steem.

Greetings from Venezuela!


I like the project, gaming is a really big niche and can have a lot of
success in the future. I will watch it and buy some tokens :)

This is great news for gamers and gaming content creators overall! I wish you good fortune in the wars to come!

Greetings, @steem-ace

Excelent idea. Be very welcome here. You bring a grand help to our platform.

have a nice day

#palnet #sct #battle #spt #weedcash #steemleo #aaa #zzan #steemace

Great tribe idea! We all know there are tons of gamers on the steem blockchain.

I'm so fucking happy. I finally have a good reason to post about my love for gaming.
You rock!

😎👍 Total awesomeness @steem-ace , Welcome to the hood! all ready commented , upped and resteemed this post link by @bitcoinflood https://steemit.com/spt/@bitcoinflood/steemace-good-game-token-launched
Just upped and resteemed this post as well!
Here is the comment I left, same goes here my friend!:
👍😎 "Glad to see another gaming type of Tribe Token on the blockchain , Welcome to the Hood @bitcoinflood GG Good Game Token, still not clear on exactly what type of gaming content can be posted about here on https://www.steemace.io/ !? Ido post on BATTLE @battlegames ( Im All ready a whale for staking over 2500 Tokens there ) and now have 473 SPT . I Stake All tokens I receive , and would like to thank you for the Airdrop of 376 Tokens , that I have all ready Staked and will continue to do so over 4 years ( check my post here : https://steemit.com/palnet/@karenmckersie/i-m-3-yrs-old-today-my-4-year-steem-engine-scot-tribe-retirement-strategy-for-60 )
Thanks to Steem-Engine The future is looking awesome for all Tribes and communities, See You On The Moon!! Upped and resteemed!"
👍😎🚀🚀 #spt #battlegames #palnet
Love your logo!

Excellent, I'll be watching this space for good gaming content. #steemace

GodSpeed ! 💙

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Hey, thank you for the air drop! :D

Thanks for the airdrop :)

This is yet another reminder to start writing about my @steemmonsters journey.

The Name "GG" of the Token is legendary of course. Is there a special thought behind why the Curator get 40%? That might inflate Bot Upvotes a lot.

It's cool. I like to write game posts.

I love it!

Congratulations @steem-ace!
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I staked some of the GG tokens I got, thanks for those, I made a post on twitter about how everyday im getting some new tokens wether its lassecash neoxian silver weedcash @steemlwo or your token,

will theer be gaminga nd bets made on chain like in posts perhaps maybe even a special feature lie a widget on steempeak you could talk to @asgarth about? Im sure for teh right price he could give youa gaming widget for on chain post based games that just are turn based posts that can be pinned ro displayed in special game areas, poker and blackjack even chess cna be played on chain in trn based comment based games...

Steemace.io must support this platform, I bought 21GGM and1000GG, I have been playing games for more than 20 years.

Question @steem-ace : what is the difference between SteemAce and Battlegames !? Best of luck with your launch, wishing you much success!!👍😎❤

another awesome niche, what will be next😎

Thats great, where can I buy GGm tokens to stake them and mine?

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