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A simulator loaded with content

One of the biggest advantages that the World Rally Championship series has is that it has an official license to include everything you want, thus being one of the most complete in terms of fidelity. In the case of WRC 8 we find that everything related to the WRC, WRC 2 and June WRC categories is present in the game. Thus giving it more than 100 different stages, 14 rallies and official teams and cars.


But it is no longer just that in content itself it is quite good, also in game modes, among which the career mode stands out. But to get an idea, we have the following modes:

  • Career: you manage your entire professional career as a pilot, managing teams, contracts, development, etc.
  • Season: same as career mode, but focused only on driving, without the management part.
  • Quick game: you choose track, car, time, equipment, etc. and you take a career without more.
  • Test area: test the different cars with their adjustments in real time.
  • Training: they are different tracks in which you can train the different aspects of the game.
  • Online: races against other players in a room with the chosen parameters.
  • Challenge: they are stages with special conditions with an online ranking, you can choose which car to use and its parameters.
  • Event: they are rallies programmed to compete against other online users.

The career mode as maximum exponent

One of the great benefits of this game is the career mode, through which we can live "the experience" of being another driver of the WRC world. In my case, that I am a real rookie player (I don't know how to drive in real life, nor do I have a license), this is where I have invested a lot of my time, although veterans looking for entertainment will too.

When starting this mode, the first thing we will do will be to appoint our pilot and choose his nationality, and then adjust the difficulty parameters in the following ways:


  • Easy: the driver is less required and has unlimited retries for events.
  • Medium, advanced and authentic: The driver will be progressively demanded more, making better times, and with 4 attempts for events.
  • Effects of damage: depending on how good or bad we are, we can even cancel the effects of the damage.
  • Permanent damage: limit attempts to 1 per event regardless of difficulty.


I could not miss the development

And for me, one of the things that has "hooked me" the most is the R&D section, where we will spend development points on 4 different branches as we level up: 2 of equipment, performance and reliability. Through this tree of "technologies" we will unlock new mechanics, as well as new components for our car, making this the best of all. You can redistribute at any time for a few dollars, so don't worry if you're wrong. What really hooks on this, is to unlock new things and see that, in the end, there is more variety than it seems.

Then we have different things like mail, our statistics of the season, we can train freely with the car, etc.

The most interesting thing for those who are looking for the simulation part, surely each of the rallies that occur in this mode, divided into its 4 stages with a half-rest. This break is used to fix the car (maximum 45 min), change the tires or even adjust our car for the next stages.


Personally, it seems a tremendous thing to include it in this way, and that everything be done progressively. As a rookie player, who has started with WRC Junior to see what the game is about, in the end he gets the taste and practice, I am currently in WRC after going through WRC 2. At the end of the season we can renew the next one with new category and contracting, so that we can try all the content little by little.

Technical and sound section

Graphically, the evolution with respect to WRC 7 is not that it is the big deal, there is more level of detail in the car and some of the secondary elements on the tracks. That, let's see, the cars look great and it's not bad, but a little more evolution in this section would not hurt the franchise.

What I did like is the sound section, which comes with some quite interesting details. Apart from that the sound of the engine varies according to the power of the moment, which helps me keep up with the accelerator, as I say there are details. For example, when we are on a track with gravel we can hear the stones hit the car, if we go through a puddle the sound is quite realistic ... The quality is quite good, as well as the fidelity, although regarding the sounds of the engines I would not know Tell you about my inexperience.

WRC 8 FIA World Rally Championship is a good game for rally lovers, and for my part I can confirm that for both new players and veterans. In addition, it is a delivery with quite good current content, diversity of modes, a good finish and a great career mode in which to invest large amounts of hours. Regarding the simulation, from what I have seen, there is a good progress and is on the right track, with enough options for the most expert in the genre that the most veteran may like. It also has multiplayer options and a mode of competition oriented to eSports, and the best is the only one with official licenses.

If you have doubts whether to buy or not, at least I hope I have solved that, although I also tell you that it is worth giving it a try


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